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Some works were published in 2006 and earlier:

Published earlier:

Mamchur E.A. The problem of theory choice Moscow: Nauka, 1975;

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Konyaev S.N. «The coherence of physical objects: general methodological aspects" in coll. "The methodology of science: new concepts and unsolved problems." Moscow, 2004;

Krushanov A.A. The monograph "Scientific Language in the Pre-Standard situations" (Moscow, 1997)
Krushanov A.A. "Atlas of the history of Western European Philosophy (Moscow, 1997). 

Sevalnikov A.Yu. Philosophical analysis of the ontology of quantum theory. M.: IPH RAS 2005.
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Ontological problems of modern physics: the philosophical analysis. M.: IPH RAS, 2003.



Mamchur E.A. Spontaneity and teleologizm / / The spontaneity and determinism. Pergamon Press, 2006;

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Mamchur E.A. Presentation at the roundtable "The Philosophy of Science: Problems and Perspectives" / / Problems of Philosophy, № 10, 2006;

Mamchur E.A. Presentation on CD. of Art. / / Problems of Philosophy, № 9, 2006

Sachkov Yu.V. Globalization and Problems of methodology of knowledge of complex dynamic systems / / Universal evolutionism and global issues. Moscow, 2006;

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Krushanov A.A. On the ambiguity of the term "ecological culture" // Ecological culture and social development. Moscow, 2006;

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. Genocide in the context of globalization - from direct to indirect // Abstracts of the IV Russian Congress of Philosophy. - Moscow, 2005;

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. Genocide in the context of globalization - from direct to indirect // Philosophical Investigations. 2006, № 1.;

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. Indirect forms of anti-genocide: opportunities and limitations // Philosophical Investigations. 2006, № 2;

Sevalnikov A.Yu. Problems of quantum theory and the theory of measurement // Spontaneity and determinism. M.:Science. 2006;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Violation of Bell's inequality and the problem of quantum ontology // Spontaneity and determinism. M.:Science.  2006 (co-author. Kulik S.N.);