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Some works were published in 2009

Mamchur E.A. Science and Ethics / / Man.Nauka.Humanism. On the 80th anniversary of akad.I.T.Frolov. M. IFRAN, "Science", 2009. P.224-233;

Mamchur E.A. Social epistemology or the sociology of language? // Epistemology and philosophy of science, № 1, t.XIX, 2009. P. 61-65;

Mamchur E.A. About the Book Carlo Rovelli, "Loop Quantum Gravity" // Epistemology and philosophy of science, t.XIX, 2009. P. 230-238 (coauthored with V.D.Zakharov);

Mamchur E.A. On the concept of "inner truth" // Philosophical Magazine, № 1 (2), 2009, pp. 73-87;

Mamchur E.A. Once again, the concept of epistemic relativism: once again // Polignozis, № 4, 2009, p.43-53;

Mamchur E.A. How can the empirical confirmation of theoretical knowledge is possible (the example of modern cosmology) // Philosophical Magazine, № 2 (3), 2009. P. 64-76;

Mamchur E.A. Sociology of knowledge, epistemology and social epistemology // Philosophical Sciences, № 10, 2009, pp. 113-125;

Mamchur E.A. Philosophy of science and epistemology // Science. Philosophy. Society. Proceedings of V Russian Congress of Philosophy. T.I. - Novosibirsk: Parallel, 2009. S. 266-267;

Mamchur E.A. Physics and Reality // Encyclopedia. Epistemology and philosophy of science. M., 2009. P. 1040-1041;

Mamchur E.A. The relationship between physics and philosophy // Encyclopedia. Epistemology and philosophy of science. M., 2009. P. 1061-1065;

Mamchur E.A. Social conditioning of knowledge // Encyclopedia. Epistemology and philosophy of science. M., 2009. P. 906-907.

Krushanov A.A.  Ontological innovations of cybernetics // Philosophy of Sciences. No. 14. The ontology of sciences. Moscow, 2009;

Krushanov A.A.  Global Challenges of the XXI century and Russia // Proceedings of the International Scientific Congress "Global Studies - 2009." T.I;
Krushanov A.A. Transdisciplinary researches: from de facto to de jure // Science. Philosophy. Society. Proceedings of the V  Russian Congress of Philosophy. T. I. Novosibirsk, 2009. Scientific and technological development from the points of vew of contemporary critics and apologists // Proceedings of the RFO. No. 18. Moscow, 2009;
Krushanov A.A. The idea of "The end of sciences" in the XXI Century: pro et contra // Proceedings of the RFO. Issue 18. M., .2009;
Krushanov A.A.  Science and belief in the epistemological context // Bulletin of RFO. № 4, 2009;
Krushanov A.A. Masculane share / / Bulletin of RFO. 2009. Number 2. S. 119 - 125;

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. New technologies and social reality // Science. Philosophy. Society. Proceedings of V Russian Congress of Philosophy. T. III. - Novosibirsk: Parallel, 2009;

Sevalnikov A.Yu. Interpretation of quantum mechanics. In search of a new ontology. URSS, Book House "Librokom." 2009. 192 p. 

Sevalnikov A.Yu. On the possibility of a new understanding of reality // Philosophy of Science, Issue 14, M.: IPH of RAS, 2009. P.144-157;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Physics and metaphysics - New Realities // Science. Philosophy. Society. Proceedings of the V Russian Congress of Philosophy. T.I. - Novosibirsk: Parallel, 2009. P. 279;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Quantum computer: technology, theory and metaphysics // Modern technology: the philosophical and methodological problems. Moscow, 2009;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. The return of metaphysics // Landmarks number 5.  M.: IPH RAS. 2009. P. 81 - 102.