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Some works were published in 2007

Mamchur E.A. Does science need philosophy? (Co-authored with A.Nikiforov and D.Chernavskiy) / / Higher education in Russia, № 4, 2007;

Mamchur E.A. Science and Ethics // The ethics of science. M. IFRAN, 2007;

Mamchur E.A. Virtual worlds of art and science: the problem of the reference / / Philosophical Sciences, № 7, 2007 (co-author.)

Mamchur E.A. Presentation at the roundtable. "The relationship of science and social-humanitarian knowledge" // "Questions of Philosophy», № 6, 2007. 

Sachkov Yu.V. Basic science as a resource for development / / Problems of Philosophy № 3, 2007;

Konyaev S.N. «Dialogue of science, philosophy and culture in the virtual environment of mass communications networks: the interaction of complex topology information" in Sat "Facets of knowledge: science, philosophy and culture in the XXI century." M. Science. 2007;

Konyaev S.N. New technologies and the concept of time. Synergetics time. An interdisciplinary approach. M., 2007;

Krushanov A.A. Work in the field of global evolutionism: for what and how? // An Interdisciplinary Journal "General and Applied tsenologiya." 2007. Number 2;
Krushanov A.A. Is a renaissance of panpsychism possible? // Proceedings of the members of the RFO. Vyp.13. Moscow, 2007;
Krushanov A.A. Hidden qualities of a Man / / Bulletin of RFO. 2007. Number 2;
Krushanov A.A. Important gaps in the body of contemporary methodological knowledge // Actual problems of philosophy of sciences. M., 2007. 

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. Global problems and social violence // Universal evolutionism, and globalization. Moscow, 2007;

Sevalnikov A.Yu. The principle of reciprocity and finslerovskoe generalization of the physical principles // Hypercomplex numbers in geometry and physics. Number 1 (7) T.4 (2007)
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Returning to metaphysics // Metaphysics. The twenty-first century. M. Bean. Knowledge Laboratory. 2007. P. 88-106.