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Some works were published in 2008

Mamchur E.A. Science and Ethics // Man, science and humanism. Moscow: Nauka, 2008;

Mamchur E.A. Science and Philosophy // Questions of Philosophy, № 7, 2008;

Mamchur E.A. Once again about truth // Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, Vol XIV, 2008, № 2;

Mamchur E.A. The future of fundamental science in the twenty-first century // Questions of Philosophy, 2008, № 4 (with A.Nikiforov and B.Pruzhinin);

Mamchur E.A. The ideals of unity and simplicity in scientific knowledge // Philosophy. Science. Culture. On the 60th anniversery of the "Questions of Philosophy" M.:"Veche", 2008;

Mamchur E.A. Are the fundamental science is approaching to its end? // Polignozis, № 4, 2008;

Mamchur E.A. Virtual worlds of science and art: the problem of reference // Theoretical virtualistics: new approaches, problems and solutions. Moscow: Nauka, 2008 (in co.)

Mamchur E.A. The answer to V.Rozin // Polignozis, № 3, 2008.

Sachkov Yu.V. Virtuality and the scientific method / / Theoretical virtualistics: new challenges, approaches and solutions. Moscow: Nauka, 2008;

Konyaev S.N. The philosophical problems of modern technologies / / Bulletin of RFO, 2008, № 4;

Krushanov A.A. The idea of "The End of sciences" of  J.Horgan: principles of justification of the position // Polignozis. 2008. № 4;
Krushanov A.A. «The End of the sciences" is not obvious, but the "halt" is visible // Polignozis. 2008. № 4;
Krushanov A.A. Pre-Standard Situations in the general dynamics of scientific activity  // Proceedings of the RFO. No. 15. Moscow, 2008;
Krushanov A.A. The problem of transdisciplinarity and mathematics // Proceedings of the RFO. No. 15. Moscow, 2008;
Krushanov A.A. On the way to a Silicon community // Bulletin of RFO, № 4, 2008;

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. "Indirect" genocide in modern society (social and philosophical aspects) // Problems of Philosophy. 2008, № 10;

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. «Social and philosophical aspects of the modern violence transformations in the world» XXII World congress of philosophy Rethinking Philosophy Today. Seoul, National University Seoul, Korea, 2008;

Sevalnikov A.Yu. Actual, virtual and transcendental // Virtualistics. M. Science. 2008;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. To the history of interpretation in Russia, or from physics to metaphysics // Proc. Art. Foundations of physics and geometry. Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow. 2008. P. 134 - 152;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Science and metaphysics // Proc. reports at the XV International Christmas Educational Readings. 2008;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Virtual and metaphysics // Theoretical virtualistics. New approaches, problems and solutions. M.: Science. 2008. P. 79-91;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Quantum mechanics: physics, metaphysics and religion // Proc. reports at the XV International Christmas Educational Readings. M. 2008. P. 48-73.