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  Ioann A. Ryzhakov
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Ioann A. Ryzhakov

Ioann A. Ryzhakov

Date and Place of birth


1994, Mikhaylovsk (Sverdlovsk Oblast)


  • St. Tikhon's Orthodox University, 2021



  • Junior Research Fellow, 2023 - present


Scientific interests

  • John Hick's philosophy of religion, contemporary analytic philosophy of religion, religious epistemology, religious pluralism.


  • Early John Hick's religious epistemology (1957-1971): basic ideas and criticism. In Proceedings of the Department of Theology of the SPbDA. 2023. No. 3(19). P. 163-179.
  • Religious pluralism in a new perspective: the dialogue between Indian and European philosophy. Rev. of: B. Puri, A. Kumar (eds). Re-thinking Religious Pluralism: Moving Beyond Liberal Tolerance. Singapore: Springer, 2021. 186 p. In St. Tikhon's University Review. Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies. 2022. No. 103. P. 150-155.
  • Conrad L. Neudorf and John Hick’s Pluralistic Hypothesis. In Philosophy of Religion: Analytic Researches. 2020. Vol. 4(1), 138-149.