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  Vladimir Shalack
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Vladimir Shalack

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Year and place of birth


18 april 1955, Kaunas  


Graduate, Department of philosophy of the MSU, 1984.





Fields of research

Theory of logical consequence, logical analysis of the Internet, content analysis of the texts, antique logic, combinatory logic, definition theory, logical methods of consistent pattern detection.


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3116-437X; Researcher ID  (Web of Science): V-1569-2018; Scopus Author ID: 55256360200


Scientific publications


  • Essays on the foundations of logic – M.: IPh RAS, 2017.
  • Introduction to logic for philosophers / V. Shalack, N. Tomova – M., 2014.
  • On the notion of logical consequence. – M., 2007.
  • Logical analysis of the Internet. – M.,2005.
  • Modern content analysis: applications in the fields of political science, sociology, psychology, culturology, economics and advertising. – M.: Omega-L, 2004.


 Selected papers

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