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Alexandra Y. Berdnikova


Alexandra Y. Berdnikova

Year and place of birth                                                                                                                              

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1991, Saratov





The Faculty of Philosophy (SSU, 2013)





Ph.D. in Philosophy (2016)


Professional appointments
  • 2015 - lecturer in philosophy, social sciences and humanities at Moscow State Institue (University) of Culture (MGIK)
  • Since 2016 - Research assistant of the Department of the History of Russian Philosophy at the IPh RAS
Field of Studies Russian philosophy of XIX-XX centuries, Neo-Leibnizianism in Russia, metaphysical personalism, dialogue of Russian and Western philosophic thought


Research projects
  • Current reception of Russian philosophy abroad. RFBR, project No. 19-011-00764a (project participant, 2019-2021);
  • Grant of the PSTGU Development Fund No. 01-0718 / n “S.L. Frank between neo-Kantianism and absolute realism: politics, culture, philosophy, religion” (project participant, 2019-2021);
  • "Life and work of F.M. Dostoevsky in philosophical reflection and literary criticism of A.S. Glinka (Volzhsky)”, RFBR, project No. 18-011-90007 (project manager, 2018-2019);
  • Grant of the PSTGU Development Fund No. 08-0317 / KIP3 “S.L. Frank between political economy and philosophy: from Marxism to idealism through Nietzsche and Kant” (project participant, 2017-2018);
Participation in scientific conferences and seminars


  • Ideal-realism of N.O. Lossky: origins and ideological evolution // Round table discussion dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikolay O. Lossky "Nikolay Lossky and his philosophical heritage: ideas, problems, interpretations", December 16, 2020;
  • The S.L. Frank reaction toV.S. Solovyov's theocratic project  // XI International Conference of the School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies of the Higher School of Economics "Ways of thought, ways of speaking." Moscow, NRU HSE, October 7-10, 2020;
  • V.S. Solovyov's way to “The History and the Future of Theocracy”: early projects of the idea of the Ecumenical Church // All-Russian Conference with International Participation “Religious Studies: Past, Present, Future”. Moscow, April 10-11, 2020;
  • God, World and Human in the teachings of L. M. Lopatin // Theoretical seminar of the Department of the Philosophy of Religion "Scientiae de religione". Moscow, Institute of Philosophy RAS. February 25, 2020;
  • Draft Comments on Volume 3 of S.L. Frank's Complete Works // Round-table discussion "S. L. Frank: philosophical intuitions of the 1900s - 1910s." PSTGU, Moscow, January 28, 2020;
  • Criticism of C. Forlander's ideas in the context of S.L. Frank's early neo-Kantian views // "Correspondence of S.L. Frank and L. Binswanger in the context of Russian-German intellectual ties". IPhRAS, December 17, 2019;
  • Understanding the phenomenon of holiness in the religious philosophy of S.A. Alekseev (Askoldov) and the dialogue of Christian churches // Scientific conference «Russian religious philosophy in the era of post-secularism». Moscow. HSE. October 18, 2019;
  • Religiosity of F.M. Dostoevsky and the social utopia of the circle of M.V. Petrashevsky (based on biographical research by A.S. Glinka (Volzhsky)) // III Congress of the Russian Religious Society «Religion and Religions: Discourses and Practices». St. Petersburg, October 4-6, 2019;
  • The controversy surrounding the project of "global theocracy": V.S. Soloviev and French magazines in the 1880s //  International scientific conference "Russian Logos-2: Modern - Borders of control". SPb., RSPU them. A.I. Herzen. September 25-28, 2019;
  • Vladimir Solovyov's doctrine of a man in reflection of A.S. Glinka (Volzhsky) // Krakow meetings 2019. Poland, Krakow, Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec. June 2-5, 2019;
  • Vladimir Solovyov's polemic against Kharkov theologians T. Stoyanov (K.E. Istomin) and A.P. Shost'in on the issue of dogmatic development in the Church // III International Scientific Conference "Meaning - Sense - Symbol: theology, philosophy and aesthetics at the turn of the century". Italy, Rome, Pontifico Istituto Orientale, November 26-28, 2018;
  • The ethical ideal in Vladimir Solovyov's "free theocracy": Kantian aspect // International scientific conference «Kant and Soloviev: convergence and divergence». Kaliningrad, BFU named after Immanuel Kant, November 15-16, 2018;
  • Reception of Leibniz's ideas in Russian philosophy at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. // Round-table discussion “Leibniz today” in the framework of the project “Philosophical workshop”. The cycle "Master Class". Master class 2. Moscow, IPh RAS, November 6, 2018;
  • Criticism of Vladimir Solovyov's project of 'World Theocracy' in the writings of the French Orthodox theologian Fr. Vladimir Guettee // XIX Annual Theological Conference of PSTGU. Autumn Session, November-December 2018. Section "Mutual influence and interaction of Russian religious philosophy and Russian theology of the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries". Moscow, PSTGU, November 6, 2018;
  • Kant and Leibniz in Russian philosophy at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries: dialogue of worldviews // Round-table discussion on the basis of the Saratov philosophical seminar "Immanuel Kant and current problems of modern philosophy." Saratov, Saratov National Research University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky, October 20, 2018;
  • S.L. Frank. Critical ontology and neo-Kantianism (co-authored with D. A. Chentsova) // International scientific conference «Herman Kogen in the history of Russian philosophy. On the 100th anniversary of the death of the Marburg philosopher». Moscow, RUDN University, June 5, 2018;
  • Reception of the doctrine of deification in religious anthropology of V.I. Nesmelov and antinomistic monodualism of S.L. Frank (co-authored with D. A. Chentsova) // International Scientific Conference “XVIII Holy Trinity Annual Academic Readings in St. Petersburg”. St. Petersburg, RCAA, May 24, 2018;
  • V. I. Nesmelov: philosopher of religion or religious philosopher? // Interuniversity conference with all-Russian participation "The past and the future of religious reflection". Moscow, PSTGU, March 17, 2018;
  • The idea of religious experience in S.L. Frank // International Scientific Conference “S.L. Frank: The Post-Revolutionary Crash of Idols”. Moscow, HSE, November 24, 2017;
  • S.L. Frank and Russian metaphysical personalism // XVI International Theological Conference "Theology and Secular Sciences: Traditional and New Relationships". Kazan, Kazan Orthodox Theological Seminary, November 22, 2017;
  • 'Sobornost' and 'All-unity' in Christian anthropology of S.L. Frank and S.A. Alekseev (Askoldov) // International Scientific Conference «'Sobor' and 'Sobornost': the centenary of the beginning of a new era». Moscow, Theological Faculty of PSTGU, November 14, 2017;
  • Sergei Askoldov's project of the Christian revolution // Round-table discussion «Russian revolution & religion: breaks and connections». RAS Institute of Philosophy (Moscow), Febrary 14, 2017;
  • G. Teichmuller’s “Aristotelische Forschungen” as a logical step of the growing of his personalistic views // “The Legacies of Aristotle as Constitutive Element of European Rationality”, RAS Institute of Philosophy (Moscow), October 17-19, 2016;
  • Neo-Leibnizianism or Personalism? To the history of subject // Seminar of Research Center of the psychology of religion of Department of Religious Studies, St Tikhon’s Orthodox University, June 21, 2016;
  • «Religious consciousness» in philosophy of Russian Neo-Leibnizianism //  в философии русского неолейбницеанства // Saint-Trinity annual international academic readings in St. Petersburg, Russian Christian Academy for humanities, May 25-28, 2016;
  • «Forgotten» monadology of Y.S. Prodan // International Conference for Students and Young Scientists "Lomonosov-2016", MSU, April 11-15, 2016;
  • Russian symbolism and Neo-Leibnizianism (on example of Valery Bryusov’s theoretical search) // International scientific conference "On the philosophical crossroads: Vladimir Soloviev’s heritage in the XXI century", Moscow, Library of History of Russian Philosophy and Culture AF Losev House, November 19, 2015.