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Apart from their original contributions (around 100 books annually) to virtually every field of philosophical knowledge, each year fellows of the Institute publish more than 20 scholarly editions of classical philosophical texts. The series named Philosophical Heritage (Filosofskoye naslediye) alone, during the decades following its establishment, has come to comprise more than 130 volumes of works by the great figures in world philosophy. Thanks to their mass circulation, excellent translations and expert introductions and commentaries, these books have played an important role in broadening of the philosophical horizons of the Russian public. The Institute has also founded and continues to publish such academic series as Monuments of Philosophical Thought (Pamiatniki filosofskoy mysli), History of Oriental Philosophy (Istoriya vostochnoy filosofii), Comparative Philosophy (Sravnitel’naya filosofiya), etc. Apart from that, fellows of the Institute are active collaborators for various other academic series, e.g. Images of Culture (Liki kul’tury), Monuments of Early Russian Thought (Pamiatniki drevnerusskoy mysli), From the History of Russian Philosophical Thought (Iz istorii otechestvennoy filosofskoy mysli) and others. Among the recently completed large-scale editorial projects of the Institute is the multi-volume Kant’s Works with the original text and a facing Russian translation, and the monumental New Encyclopaedia of Philosophy in four volumes; the latter consists of more than 5000 entries written by more than 400 scholars. Most recently, the Institute launched a new 21-volume project on Russian Philosophy in the Second Half of the 20th Century (Filosofiya Rossii vtoroy poloviny XX veka), of which the first three volumes dedicated to the work of A.F. Losev, A.A. Zinoviev and E.V. Ilyenkov have already appeared.






Civilization and modernization. Proceedings of the Russian-Chinese Conference 2012 / Ed. by Chuanqi He, Nikolay Lapin


Civilization and modernization. Proceedings of the Russian-Chinese Conference 2012 / Ed. by Chuanqi He, Nikolay Lapin. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company, 2015. 256 p. ISBN 978-9814603515, ISBN 9814603511.


Modernization has been a profound change of human civilizations — a worldwide phenomenon and trend since the 18th century. It includes not only the great change and transformation from traditional to modern politics, economy, society and culture, but also all human development and the rational protection of the natural environment at present. It has changed not only people's lives in many aspects, but also the strategic pattern of world system. At present, modernization is not only a worldwide phenomenon, but also a development goal of many countries. It is a common responsibility of the world scientific community to study the principles, explain the phenomenon and serve to reach goals of modernization. The Russian Chinese Scientific Conference on Civilization and Modernization (the first of its kind) was held at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) from 29 to 30 May 2012. Leading experts from the Institute of Philosophy RAS, the China Centre for Modernization Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Institute of Sociology RAS and the Institute of Social and Economic Problems of Territories RAS, of Kursk and Tyumen state universities, and other research centers took part in the conference.
The conference focused on two issues: civilization and modernization, and global and regional modernization, part one and part two respectively of the proceedings. Twenty one papers in total were presented and they are collected here in this volume.
Readership: Scholars interested in Russia China modern relationship; and researchers in globalization looking for the Russia–China prespective.




Philosophy and science in Cultures of East and West. Russian philosophical studies, XIII / Ed. Marietta T. Stepanyants. Washington: The Council for Research of Values and Philosophy, 2014.

The Volume composed by the philosophers from Russia, Great Britain, India, Iraq, Lithuania, Syria, France, Turkey, the United States, Germany and Japan has been prepared on the basis of the papers presented at the Third Moscow International Conference on comparative philosophy carried out with the financial support of the Russian State Foundation for Humanities. The Conference continued its comparative forums, over a quarter of a century, organized by the Centre of the Eastern philosophies of the Institute of philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. The content of the Volume demonstrates the plurality in the approach to the universally significant theoretical problems that is based on cultural specifics of the East (Chinese, Indian and Islamic) and the West. These problems are among those that will not have a short-term solution, and will long remain on the agenda.



Axiomatic Method and Category Theory / Springer Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London; Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013. – ISBN 978-3-642-36732-8 ISBN 978-3-642-36733-5.


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Philosophy: Theory and Practice


Philosophy: Theory and Practice / Russian Academy  of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy; Ed. V.Sharova, E. Trufanova, A Yakovleva. – М.: ИФ РАН, 2013. – ISBN: 978-5-9540-0258-4.


This book is a collection of papers presented at the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy (4–10 August, 2013, Athens, Greece) by research fellows and affiliated students and postgraduates of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Science. The papers represent a broad variety of philosophical subjects lying within such disciplines as philosophy, philosophy of science, ethics, social and political philosophy, logic etc.


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Logical Investigations / Editor-in-Chief; Alexander S. Karpenko. Vol. 19


Logical Investigations / Editor-in-Chief; Alexander S. Karpenko. Vol. 19 (Special Issue). – M.­ Spb.: C.G.I., 2013. ­ – 376 p. ­ – ISBN 978-5-98712-143-6.


The present volume is devoted to the 'Open Russian-Finnish Colloquium on Logic' (ORFIC), held at the Saint-Petersburg State University, on June 14-16, 2012. Among the participants there were such prominent Finnish logicians as Jaakko Hintikka, Ilkka Niiniluoto and Gabriel Sandu. The volume covers the most interesting results recently obtained in different areas of research in logic. The volume is of interest to everyone concerned in modern logic.


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Карпенко_Развитие многозначной логики


Łukasiewicz J. On Aristotle’s Principle of Contradiction. Critical Investigation (trans. from Polish in Russian). / Ed. A.S. Karpenko with introductory article and comments. — М.-SPb: CGI, 2012. — 256 p. — ISBN 978-5-98712-038-5.

For the first time the famous book by J. Łukasiewicz "On Aristotle’s principle of contradiction" (1910) is published in Russian. In this book the firstly in the world a thorough critique of the principle of contradiction, defended by Aristotle in the “Metaphysics", is given. This edition also presents a new translation of the famous article "On determinism". There is a biography of Jan Łukasiewicz and introductory article that shows a painful internal struggle Łukasiewicz in connection with his proposed revolution in logic.


Knowledge and Belief in the Dialogue of Cultures / Edited by Marietta Stepanyants. – (Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change. Series IVA, Eastern and Central Europe; V. 39), 2011. – ISBN 978-1-56518-262-2.


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Pavel Tishchenko & Boris Yudin. Bioethics and Journalism


Pavel Tishchenko & Boris Yudin. Bioethics and Journalism. Moscow: Publishing House “Adamant”, 2011. – 76 pp.  ISBN 978-5-86103-110-3


The authors of this book uncover the role of the mass media in the emergence and evolution of bioethics. The book addresses the responsibility borne by journalists in reporting stories related to suffering – both physical and spiritual. Not only are journalists responsible for simply telling the stories of human suffering, they are also responsible for supplying the population with an appropriate linguistic context for processing, understanding and relating to that suffering. The book provides an in-depth bioethical analysis of the case of Snezhana Mitina v. journalist Alexander Nikonov – a case that was heard by a special ad hoc committee of the Public Board for Media Appeal of the Russian Federation’s Journalists’ Union. To conclude, the authors present a series of moral principles that they believe to be particularly relevant for journalists covering issues of bioethics.


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Karpenko Alexander Stepanovich. The Development of Many-valued Logic. – M.: LKI Publishers, 2010. – 444 p.– ISBN 978-5-382-01217-9.


The book covers the development of multi-valued logic, from Aristotle to the present day. Because of the special role played by multi-valued logic in computer science and in various applications, special attention is paid to its theory of the functional properties. What is also worth mentioning is the complex philosophical problem of the interpretation of truth-values, which ultimately leads to the idea of their structuralization. This book can serve as a guide to multi-valued logic, with careful observance of the chronology of its development and with a large list of references.

The book is designed for a wide range of readers and does not imply any prior knowledge.





Diogenes. August 2009, Volume 56, № 2-3.