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  Boris V. Podoroga
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Boris V. Podoroga

Date and place of birthРусскоязычная версия страницы


23.07.1989, Moscow




Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH, RGGU), Faculty of philosophy, Department of history of foreign philosophy.


2006-2010 – bachelor's degree,


2010-2012 – master's degree.


2012-2015 – Post-graduate student.


12/15/2015 - Candidate of Philosophy (PhD). Thesis: "The concept of Gestalt in the philosophy of Oswald Spengler"



Logika morfologicheskogo mirovospriyatiya v kul'turno-istoricheskoj koncepcii O. SHpenglera [Logic of Morphological World Perceptions in the Cultural and Historical Concept of O. Spengler] // Bulletin of the RSUH. 2012. No. 17 (97). Pp. 80-88.


Logika zaboty o narodnom tele [Logic of Caring about the National Body]. // "Theories and Practicians" Internet resource. 2013.

Ideologicheskie korni filosofii istorii Osval'da SHpenglera [Ideological Roots of the Philosophy of History of Oswald Spengler] / / Bulletin of the RSUH. 2014. No. 10 (132). P. 57-66.

Filosofiya Osval'da SHpenglera: geshtal't kak figura poznaniya [The philosophy of Oswald Spengler: Gestalt as a figure of knowledge] // "Gramota. Istoricheskie, filosofskie, politicheskie i yuridicheskie nauki, kul'turologiya i iskusstvovedenie". 2015. № 6 (56). Pp. 154-157.

Kant i Gerder. Spor ob istorii. Filosofiya i nauka: problemy sootneseniya. [Kant and Herder. The dispute about history. Philosophy and science: problems of correlation] // "Aleshinskie chteniya: - 2016. Proceedings of the International Conference. Moscow, December 7-9. Ed. by T.Ya. Shiyan. Moscow: RSUH, 2016. P. 212-218.


Teaching  Experience  2013-2016 - Lecturer at the cultural and educational center PUNKTUM
Courses of lectures
  • Spengler and the Philosophy of Life (2013)
  • Philosophical Ideas in Psychoanalysis (Freud, Jung, Adler and Rank) (2014)
  • Image and Imitation in the Platonic Philosophy (2015)
  • The Historical Roots of Nazi Ideology (2016)


Science Interests
  • Theory of cultural-historical crises, the philosophy of life, socio-political understanding of the philosophy of life.
  • Gestalt and qualities, philosophical biology and its political representation.
  • Socio-political philosophy in Germany from the second half of XIX and first half of XX-th century, theory of history of Oswald Spengler, theory of revolutions.
  • Philosophy of history: (antique, European enlightenment, romanticism, vitalism, critical narratology)
  • Psychoanalysis and critique of ideology.


Participation in projects  2013-2015 - coordinator and tutor in the philosophical club "Winzavod"