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Research projects


Federal Special Projects

Collective Projects:

Under the direct of G.Y.Kanarsh – Electronic Database “National Mentalities: Its Investigation in the Context of Globalization and Cultures’ Interaction”. RHSF. 2013-2014.

Under the direct of I.N.Sizemskaya – “The Human in The Economy and Other Social Environments” – with support of Russian Humanitarian science Fund (N. 08-03-00175a), 2008-2010.

Under the direct of I.A.Krylova – “Russian Modernization and Anti-Modernization Tendencies” – with support of Russian Humanitarian Science Fund (N. 08-03-00174a), 2008-2009.

Under the direct of  V.G.Fedotova – “Social Knowledge’s and Social Changes”.

Under the direct of V.G.Fedotova and I.K.Liseev – Russian-Vietnamese project ‘’Modernization and Ecology”.

Under the direct of U.K.Pletnikov – Russian-Vietnamese project of Institute of Philosophy RAS and Institute of Philosophy SRV. “The Historical Fortunes of Socialism”, 1999-2001.