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Vladilen Burov

Vladilen Burov


ResearcherID: W-5336-2018

Scopus Author ID: 57195640903

Current Academic Affiliation and Status

  • Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy, head research fellow;
  • Moscow City Normal University, professor of chair of Chinese language;
  • Member of the Council of Directors of the International Confucian Association (Beijing (1994-2014),  Councilor from 2014;
  • Orient Academy of Ching studies, Beijing Councilor (from 2000).


Research interests

  • History of Chinese philosophy;
  • History of Chinese political thought;
  • Contemporary Chinese philosophy and political thought;
  • History of philosophy and political thought in Far lastern countries;
  • Comparative studies of modernization in China and Russia;
  • Chinese lexicography.

Education and Service

  • Cand.Sc. USSR Academy of Sciences; History of Philosophy Title of dissertation: “The world-outlook of XVII-th century Chinese philosopher Wan Chuan-Schan” (1963);
  • Dr.Sc. USSR Academy of Sciences; History of Philosophy Title of dissertation: “The contemporary Chinese philosophy” (1986);
  • Professor 1994.


(Total number of publications more than 300)


Main Publications Books

  • Selected works of Chinese social thought of XIX-th century. Moscow, Nauka Pubishers, 1961 (co-editor and contributor);
  • The Anthology of ancient Chinese philosophy. Vol. I, II. Moscow, Mysl Publishers, 1972-1973 (co-editor and contributor);
  • The world-outlook of XVII-th century Chinese philosopher Wang Chuan-Shan. Moscow, Nauka Pubishers, 1976;
  • The Contemporary Chinese philosophy. Moscow, Nauka Pubishers, 1980 (translated into Chinese in 1986).




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