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  David V. Dzhokhadze
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David V. Dzhokhadze

Русскоязычная версия страницы

 Джохадзе Давид Викторович


Date and place of birth:


1935, Bostana (Georgia)




  • 1958, Tbilisi State University, Philosophical faculty
  • 1961-1964, Post-graduate of Institute of Philosophy of AS USSR




Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy (DSc, 1977)





Science interests 

Social Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Dialectics and Logic


Professional  appointments

Leading Research Fellow of Institute of philosophy RAS



Books and chapters:

  • Dzhokhadze D.V. A Philsopher-Classic of Newest Time // Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Zinoviev: An Experience of Collective Portrait. Moscow: Kanon+, 2012. P. 65 – 74.


  • Dzhokhadze D.V. A.I.Herzen and Russian Leading Revolutionary Thought // Veche. 2013. Vol. 24.
  • Dzhokhadze D.V. About Theoretical Premises of Ideas’ Origins of Socialism in Pre-revolutional Russia // Bulletin of Moscow State Regional Institute of Humanities (Issue: history, philosophy, political sciences, law). 2012. №1.
  • Dzhokhadze D.V. Antique Dialog and Dialectics  // Philosophia i Obshestvo (Philosophy and Society). 2012. №2.