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  Egor Smirnov
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Egor Smirnov




Year and place of birth


1999, Moscow


  • 2017-2021 – Bachelor’s degree, Kutafin Moscow State Law University, The Institute of Public Law and Management
  • 2021-2023 – Master’s degree, HSE University, Faculty of Law




РИНЦ SPIN - 7738-3366, AuthorID: 1214513                                

Fields of research

  • Philosophy of Russian history, educational ideas in Russian philosophy


Professional appointments

  • Since 2024, Junior Research Fellow in the Department of the Philosophy of Russian History



  • The Perfection of Individual Freedom and the Inexorable Nature of Cultural History: the Absolute in Konstantin Leont’ev’s Religious Metaphysics // History of Philosophy. 2024. Vol. 29. № 1. P. 58-67
  • K. N. Leontiev’s Early Legal Aesthetics and Its Problematic Relation to the Russian Conservatism // Polylogos. 2023. Vol. 7. № 2. URL:
  • Socialistic Society in Teachings of K. Leontiev, L. Tihomirov and H. Kelsen // Civil Society in Russian and Abroad. 2023. Vol. 1. P. 12-15
  • K. N. Leontiev’s State Organicism as a Theory of Social Development // Civil Society in Russian and Abroad. 2022. № 3. P. 31-34