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Main Research Projects

  • Grant RFH №19-011-31314 - Unrealized alternatives to the political history of Russia as a factor of national political consciousness (2019). Project Manager - Dr. Sc., Philosophy, Professor A. A. Kara-Murza.

This research project is devoted to the problem of the methodology of political analysis of the “possible”, but “not happened” in Russian history. On the basis of philosophical and historical analysis and conceptualization of a large array of political, philosophical, journalistic texts of Russian intellectuals of the XIX-XX centuries. “inventory” of the most significant “political ideologues” was carried out with the allocation in them of fundamental concepts related to the problems of alternativeness in Russian history. As a result of the study, the authors of the project came to the conclusion that the composition of the national political culture and national identity includes not only the facts of the history (and their interpretation by various, sometimes conflicting, political subcultures), but also the understanding of the “non-happened” - failed political and cultural alternatives. The main tasks realized in the framework of the study were the description and subsequent analytical isolation of political and historiosophical representations, images, scenarios, program settings of various political subcultures implemented in the political process, as well as possible, but not realized, options for the historical development of Russia.
To discuss the concepts and results of the study, a symposium was organized with the participation of leading experts in the field of history and political science, as well as a round table on which project participants made reports on the results of the work.
The project results are presented in six published articles in journals included in the RSCI and Science Index, in three speeches at the symposium and in five speeches at the round table.


  • Grant RFH №16-03-14139 - International scientific conference "The philosophy of Russian history of N.M. Karamzin" (the 250th anniversary of his birth), 2016. Project Manager - Dr. Sc., Philosophy, Professor A. A. Kara-Murza.

In 2016 in Russia we will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the prominent Russian historian, social and political thinker N. M. Karamzin (1766-1826) - a key figure in the history of Russian philosophy, from whom stretched the main lines not only in Russian historical science (which is fairly well investigated), but also in the Russian philosophical thought. The conference aims from different sides demonstrate and comprehend the main historiosophical concept of NM Karamzin that Russia is inly peculiar part of European civilization. This synthetic idea in the subsequent period "forked" or - more correctly - was forcibly decoupled into two opposing ideologically irreconcilable parts. In the teaching of Russian "Westerners" universalization of the laws of the European civilization dominating(from N.A. Stankevich, T.N. Granovsky, early P.Y. Chaadaeva - to the latest radical Westerners) and often dissolved thought of great specifics of Russian history, politics and culture. On the contrary, in the teaching of Russian "exceptionalists" (from the brothers Kireevskys - by N.P. Danilevsky, K.N. Leontiev, G.P. Pobedonostsev - up to the latest anti-Westerners) start to dominate the idea of "Russian exceptionalism," supposedly located in sharp contradiction to the European civilization. Ideologically separating the holistic historiosophical position of N.M. Karamzin obviously led to mutual degradation the ideas of "Russian Westernism" and "Russian exceptionalism." The conference will place emphasis on progressive thought of N.M. Karamzin that Russia can hold its "identity" only by guarding "europeanism" by protecting themselves from coming from different sides (including most of Europe), social and ideological "slag" - a revolution, immorality, social leveling, suppressing civil society by society of "mass" and other forms of so-called "new barbarism." It is expected to publish the main conference reports (volume - 20 printed pages).


  • Grant RFH №14-03-00798 - "Local Identity" as a factor of development of Russian philosophical and political tradition (2014-2015). Project Manager - Dr. Sc., Philosophy, Professor A. A. Kara-Murza.

The study addresses the "local identities" and relationship (and influence) with the history of Russian political philosophy. A scientific hypothesis about the formation of the main directions of Russian philosophical and political science from a "fan" of local identities expressed in the scientific literature for the first time. Meanwhile, the domestic (and in some fragments of the theme - and the foreign) literature assembled a diverse empirical and biographical material that requires a serious conceptual understanding.

  • Grant RFH №11-03-0492а - Civilizational identity of Russia and the specificity of its modernizations (2011-2013). Project Manager - Dr. Sc., Philosophy, Professor A. A. Kara-Murza.

The focus of the study the following problems: especially the concepts of social and political modernization, the relationship between science and modernization, cultural and political direction of Russian modernization: especially the concepts of social and political modernization, the relationship between science and modernization, cultural and political direction of Russian modernization.


  • Grant RFH, organization of scientific events: International scientific conference "Alexander Herzen and historical fate of Russia", devoted to the 200th anniversary of the birth of A. I. Herzen" (2012). Project Managers -  RAS academician A. A. Guseynov, Dr. Sc., Philosophy, Professor A. A. Kara-Murza, Ph.D., Political Sciences A. F. Yakovlevа.