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  Vladimir Maykov
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Vladimir Maykov

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Born in Yaroslavl



Department of biophysics, Moscow Institute for Physics and Technics (1980)



Cand. Sc. Philosophy [Ph.D.], 1988 : "Unity of value and cognitive relations in the structure of human consciousness"


Research projects

Transpersonal psychology, its history and practices, in collaboration with European Transpersonal Assotiation


Teaching Experience

Transpersonal psychology, lecture course for the students of the Second Higher Education Program, Institue of Psychoanalysis, 2011



Selected articles:

  • A man who surmounts // FutureOK, М., Издательский дом «FutureOK», № 1, 2013 (
  • The development of transpersonal psychology // Psychoterapy, 2012. № 8
  • Introduction to A.Mindell's "Quantum Mind". Moscow, 2011
  • Introduction to M.Murphy's "The Future of the Body". Moscow, 2009
  • Ken Wilber's integral approach  // Health and Holism, №1, Мoscow, 2009
  • Basics of transpersonal psychology (with V.Kozlov). Мoscow, 2000
  • Transpersonal project: psychology, anthropology, spiritual traditions. Yaroslavl, 2007