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The Subject of the Department

 The Subject of the Department of Analytic Anthropology according to the public task in 2017-2019

Modernism and Avant-garde in Art and Science


Within the project “Modernism and Avant-garde in art and science” both terms (modernism and avant-garde) are understood widely enough and serve as evaluation criteria for the historical evolution of knowledge in Russian and Western cultures at the turn of XIX-XX and XX-XXI centuries. In order to analyze the most influential theories of that time, such key figures as S. Eisenstein, V. Meyerhold, A. Bogdanov, A. Platonov, M. Lifshits, E. Ilyenkov, J.-P. Sartre, R. Girard were chosen.

Much attention was paid to the development of research methodology. In some cases, it permitted the demonstration of philosophical abilities within non-philosophical texts. For instance, in Podoroga’s research, Eisenstein is represented as a universal figure of a modern artist in the media era. Eisenstein’s life, creative designs, projects and their individual implementations form an inseparable common field of “composition” created by “lifetime archive” (Podoroga V. The Second Screen: Sergey Eisenstein and the Cinema of Violence. Moscow, Breus Publ. 2017) .

In Podoroga’s and Penzin’s research the criticism of the Western Modernism in Soviet Marxism and aesthetic are considered by the comparative analysis of Lifshits’s and Ilyenkov’s works (co-authored with M. Chehonadskih and K. Chukhrov) // Stasis. 2017. Vol. 5. No. 2. P. 4–7; (Podoroga V.). Мarx Against Marxism, Marxism Against Marx (co-authored with A. Penzin and K. Chukhrov) // Stasis. 2017. Vol. 5. No. 2. P. 266–288).

M. Richlyn’s work is devoted to the crucial event of the Great October revolution. It’s considered by the analysis and factography of behavior of private individuals and Soviet society in general (Richlyn M. The Doomed Icarus. The Red October from a Family Perspective. Moscow, NLO Publ. 2017).

The possibility of analyzing mass sensuality by revealing a kind of a «filmic» characteristic in the narration of the novel “Red star” by A. Bogdanov, is shown in A. Paramonov’s work. (Paramonov A. Lenin, Bogdanov, proletarian culture and the Martians. Blue sofa №22. Tri kvadrata Publ. 2017, P. 144-158).