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Adolf Mikhalev

Русскоязычная версия страницы

Михалев Адольф Александрович

Year and Place of Birth

Born in 1935



  • Graduated from The Institute of Oriental Languages, Moscow State University in 1959.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Philosophy (1991). Ph.D. Thesis: «Философские взгляды Мики Киёси» (Philosophy of Miki Kiyoshi).


Field of Studies

Japanese Philosophy, Japanese Buddhist Thought.


Professional appointments
  • Research Fellow at the Department of Oriental Philosophies, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences.



List of Publications 


  • «Философские взгляды Мики Киёси», М., 1975.
  • "Япония: социальные рефлексии в модернизированном обществе», М., 2002.