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  Mukhu G. Aliev
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Mukhu G. Aliev

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Year and place of birth

Village of Tanusi, Khunzakhsky District, Dagestan ASSR, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.


Dagestan state University. V. I. Lenin, the historical-philological faculty (graduated in 1962)


Doctor of sciences in philosophy.(IPh RAS, 2000).Doctoral thesis: "Сonsensus as a problem of social philosophy".(Specialty 09.00.11 - Social Philosophy).

Science Interests

Modernization and its regional issues, globalization and international terrorism, issues of national policy and federal relations, the study of the civil, national, confessional consensus in the process of formation of civil society and legal state, the development of theoretical, political, legal, moral and axiological problems of consensus.




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Publications in foreign languages:

Institutes consent: general view //American Journal of Scientific and Educational Research. №1 (4). January-June. P. 406–413. 2014.