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Teresa Obolevitch

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Year and place of birth


May 22, 1974, Vidzy, Belarus




  • The Pontifical Academy of Theology, Faculty of Philosophy in Krakow (Poland) - Doctor of Philosophy, 2002 - 2005.



  • M.A., 2003. Thesis: «Nauka w poszukiwaniu metafizyki. Aspekty poznania naukowego w teorii wiedzy integralnej Włodzimierza Sołowjowa»;
  • Ph.D., 2005. Thesis: «Problematyczny konkordyzm. Wiara i wiedza w myśli Włodzimierza S. Sołowjowa i Siemiona L. Franka».


Professional appointments
Field of Studies
  • Russian religious philosophy;
  • Science and religion;
  • History of philosophy;
  • Philosophy of religion;
  • Metaphysics.
Research projects
  • HSE Basic Research Program and funded by the Russian Academic Excellence Project “5–100”, National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Moscow, Russia) – Leading Researcher (2020-2022);
  • “Philosophy in neopatristics. New figures and new interpretations" - Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science (project manager);
  • Science for the clergy in Poland. The John Templeton Foundation (project participant), 2013 - 2016;
  • The limits of the scientific explanation of reality. The John Templeton Foundation (project participant), 2011 - 2014;
  • Reception of Russian philosophy and literature in European thought of the XX-XXI centuries. Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science (Russian Federation) (project Manager), 2012 - 2013.





Speeches and open lectures

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