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Conference Program



International Conference






October 30, Tuesday

Room 416 (4th floor)



09.30 – 10.00      Registration of the participants

Session I. Moderator – Igor Dzhokhadze


10.00 – 10.10      Conference opening. Welcoming remarks


10.10 – 10.30      Ludwig Nagl (Austria, University of Vienna). Three Discourses on Religion in Neo-Pragmatism


10.30 – 10.50      Igor Dzhokhadze (Russia, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences). Richard Rorty on Religion in the Public Space


10.50 – 11.10      Aleksey Fatenkov (Russia, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod). On the Nonrelational: Comprehending and Overcoming Richard Rorty’s and Hilary Putnam’s Pragmatism


11.10 – 11.40     Coffee break


Session II. Moderator – Grigory Zolotkov


11.40 – 12.00      Dimitris Kilakos (Bulgaria, Sofia University). Activity, Practice and Scientific Cognition: Reassessing  Marxist Critiques to Pragmatism


12.00 – 12.20      Vladimir Sidorin (Russia, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences). Pragmatism in Soviet Russia of the 1920s: Between Philosophy, Ideology, and Pedagogy


12.20 – 12.40      Ilya Demin (Russia, Samara National Research University). Criticism of Classical Pragmatism in the Philosophy of Semyon L. Frank


12.40 – 13.00      Natalia Yastreb (Russia, Vologda State University). The Problem of Technological Knowledge in American Pragmatism


13.00 – 13.20      Anton Didikin (Russia, Higher School of Economics). The Conceptual Understanding of the Ideas of Pragmatism in Legal Realism


13.20 – 14.45      Questions to the speakers. Free discussion


15.15 – 16.30     Lunch


October 31, Wednesday


Room 313 (3rd floor)

Session I. Moderator – Dmitri Ivanov


10.00 – 10.20      Carlin Romano (USA, Ursinus College). Richard Rorty and the Notion of a Fach


10.20 – 10.40      Eugeny Loginov (Russia, Lomonosov Moscow State University). Charles Peirce and Bertrand Russell: The Exchange of Ideas and Swordplay


10.40 – 11.00      Anastasia Toropova (Russia, Volgograd State University). The Concepts of Body and Mind as Part of Rhetoric Practices of Realism in Richard Rorty’s Philosophy


11.00 – 11.20      Iryna Matsevich-Dukhan (Belarus, Belarusian State Academy of Arts). From Creative-Action Theory to the Theory of Creative Society


11.20 – 12.00     Coffee break


Session II. Moderator – Grigory Zolotkov


12.00 – 12.20      Wang Chengbing (China, Beijing Normal University). The Research on William James’s Philosophy in China Since 1910s


12.20 – 12.40      Boris Gubman (Russia, Tver State University). Pragmatism’s Legacy and the Narration Problem in Analytic Philosophy of History


12.40 – 13.00      Karina Anufrieva (Russia, Tver State University). Pragmatism and Arthur Danto’s Analytical Philosophy of History


13.00 – 13.20      Alexey Voronkov (Russia, Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences). Classical Pragmatism as a Resource of Actor-Network Theory


13.20 – 13.40      Sergey Shevchenko (Russia, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences). Pragmatism as the Assemblage Point of Socio-Humanistic Discourses on Science and Technology


13.40 – 15.00      Questions to the speakers. Free discussion


15.00 – 16.00      Dinner