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  Alexey V. Skomorokhov
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Alexey V. Skomorokhov



 Alexey V. Skomorokhov

Date and Place of birth


December 21,1983Moscow, Russia  




  • Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow Lomonosov State University, 2013.
  • Postgraduate studies, Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow Lomonosov State University, 2017. (Ethical Origins and Foundations of European Nihilism, Scientific Advise: Alexandr V. Razin, DSc. (philosophy), Professor).


Professional appointments 

Junior Research Fellow, Department of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2017 – present.





Researcher IDI-5790-2018                                                                                             

Academic presentation

  • Conceptual Form of Thinking as the Philosophical Basis of the Technical Systems Natural Classification Construction. - The International Scientific Conference «Continuum Algebraic Logics, Calculus and Neuromathematics in Science, Engineering and Economics» (14 – 16 May 2002), -UlGTU, vol 1, pp. 93 – 95.
  • On Philosophical Ethical problems in the Art of Ballet. – The International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduate and Young Scientists “Lomonosov-2009”, – MSU, Moscow, Russia, 13.04.2009.








  • Moral Nihilism: Reconstruction of Formation, PhilosophiaiObshestvo [Philosophy and Society], vol 82, No. 1 (2017), pp. 92 – 111.
  • Modern Ethics: Experiments of Systematization (Proceedings of Round Table by Correspondence), Eticheskaya Mysl’ [Ethical Thought], vol. 18, No.2 (2017), pp. 5-45.