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  Alexey Grishin
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Alexey Grishin


Competitor of a Scientific Degree – Candidate of Science in Philosophy, specialty title "09.00.03 – History of Philosophy"

Year and Place of Birth


Born 1973, Moscow (Russia, USSR)


  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, Philological Faculty (1995).
  • Postgraduate Study: at the RAS Institute of Philosophy, specialty title "09.00.03 – History of Philosophy" (1995–1999).



Specialty title

  • 09.00.03 – History of Philosophy


Field of Studies

  • Ancient Greek Philosophy,
  • Stoicism.

Dissertation topic

  • Relationship of Logic, Physics and Ethics in Early Stoicism
Scientific Advisor: Dr. Alexander A. Stoliarov


  • "Physical" и "proper": physical and Ethical Foundations of Some Aspects in Early Stoic Ethics // Journal of Ancient History [Vestnik Drevnei Istorii]. 2000. № 4. Pages 21–40. 
  • Greek Language: for Russian-speakers. Handbook. Moscow, 2006.
  • Greek Language: Teach-yourself book for the beginners. Moscow: AST Publ., 2012.




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