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  Sergey Gurko
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Sergey Gurko

Sergey Gurko

Date and place of birth                                                                                                                                                                                              ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1514-0316Русскоязычная версия страницы

03.01.1963, Moscow.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Reseacher ID: V-9123-2018


Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers, Department of Applied Mathematics, 1986

Fields of research

Philosophy of science, philosophy of power. 

Professional appointments

  • Primary: Research Fellow in the department of Philosophical Problems in Social Sciences and Humanities, IPhRAS.
  • Additionally: Lecturer of the Moscow Psychological and Pedagogical University.

  • "Philosophy"
  • "Philosophy of Science"in MGPPU.
Participation in research projects

  • Intentional analysis of ideology // Przeglad Wschodnioeuropejski. 2014, p.163-177. RFH 13-03-00605 "Intentional characteristics of ideological discourse" (with F.N. Blyukher)
  • History, violence and intentionality // Marginalia 2014: the border of culture and text. Moscow, Moscow State University, 2014. RFH 13-03-00605 "Intentional characteristics of ideological discourse"
  • The ideology of the historical knowledge. Aesthetic and ethical basis of the analysis. Grant RFH, 2006-2008. Project number 06-03-00284a.

Scientific publications

  • Discourse-analysis and discursive practices. Moscow, IPhRAS, 2016, 134р. (with F.N. Blyukher, A.A. Guseva, G.B. Gutner).
  • Historiosophy of Veidle as a form of trauma of the Russian emigration // VOX: the Journal of Philosophy, № 22, 2017. URL: (with I.F. Shcherbatova) 
  • Two sources of modern philosophy of science // Philosophy and Science: problems of correlation. Aleshin Readings - 2016: Materials of the International Conference. M., December 7-9, 2016
  • Berdyaev: experience of philosophical discourse-analysis. Journal of Russian Christian Аcademy, SPb, 2015, p. 143-157. (with F.N. Blyukher).
  • About war and politics // VOX: the Journal of Philosophy, № 18, 2015. URL:
  • Intentional discourse analysis of ideology // Methodology of science and discourse analysis. Moscow, IPhRAS, 2014, p. 268-284. (with F.N. Blyukher).
  • Power. Policy. Morality. // Bulletin of analytics, № 1 (51). Moscow, 2013, p. 135-143. (with F.N. Blyukher).
  • Discourse analysis of ideology. 2013, p. 104-109. (with F.N. Blyukher).
  • Ideological forms of political struggle. // The Journal of Philosophy, Moscow, IPhRAS, 2012, p. 87-103. (with F.N. Blyukher).
  • Science, ethics and religion as the basis of ideology. // International Conference "Marginalia 2010: The border of culture and text." Moscow State University, Moscow, 2010. (with F.N. Blyukher).
  • The language of science and the language of power. // MegaLing 2008. Reports of the international conference. Ukraine, Simferopol, 2008.
  • History. Ideology. Language .// Applied linguistics and language technology. Kiev. Dovira. 2008. (with F.N. Blyukher and P.A. Gadzhikurbanova)
  • Peripherals of sense. // International Conference "Marginalia, 2008: Peripherals culture and border text." Moscow State University. University, Moscow, 2008.
  • Jamison F. Surrealism without the unconscious // Frederic Jameson. Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture. Moscow, 2014, p. 137-174.