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Alexander V. Pavlov Head of the Departmenf of Social Philosophy

Year and place of birthРусскоязычная версия страницы

1983, Petushki, Vladimir Oblast



Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of political science, faculty of philosophy (2001-2006)

Graduate School. Lomonosov Moscow State University (2006-2009)



PhD in Theory and History of Law and the State; History of Doctrines about Law and the State


Science Interests
  • Social Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Socio-philosophical aspects of popular culture

Participation in editorial boards of scientific journals

2012 - present: Member of the Editorial Council, Государство, религия, Церковь в России и за рубежом (Gosudarstvo, Religiia, Tserkov' v Rossii i za Rubezhom).

2009 - present: Member of the Editorial Board, philosophical-literary journal "Logos"

Professional Activities

2016 - present: Leading Research Fellow, Head of the Departmenf of social philosophy, IPh RAS

2008 - present: Associate Professor at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Humanities



  • Pavlov A. V. Rasskazhite vashim detyam: Sto odinnadcat' opytov o kul'tovom kinematografe [Tell your children: One undred and eleven essays on cult cinema]. Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2017. — 424 p. — ISBN 978-5-7598-1541-9
  • Pavlov, A. V. Postydnoe udovol'stvie: filosofskie i social'no-politicheskie interpretacii massovogo kinematografa [The Guilty Pleasure: Philosophical and Socio-political Interpretations of Mass Cinema]. Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2014. – 360 p. – ISBN 978-5-7598-1126-8



Pavlov A.V. Origins of Neoconservatism. Almanac “Essays on Conservatism”. 2016;3(1):101-116.  DOI:10.24030/2409-2517-2016-1-101-116

Pavlov A.V., Denisov I.V. Political Libertarianism. Almanac “Essays on Conservatism”. 2016;3(1):89-100. (In Russ.) DOI:10.24030/2409-2517-2016-1-89-100

Respublikanizm Filipa Pettita: samaya aktual'naya sovremennaya politicheskaya filosofiya[Republicanism of Philip Pettit: the most relevant modern political philosophy] // Philip Pettit. Republicanism A Theory of Freedom and Government. / Translated by A. Yakovleva; preface by A. Pavlov. - Moscow: Publishing House of Gaidar Institute, 2016. - 488 p. / Translation from English. Moscow: Publishing House of Gaidar Institute, 2016. P. 7-22.

Dobrodetel'naya tiraniya. Klassicheskaya politicheskaya filosofiya v poiskah novoj terminologii [Virtuous tyranny. Classical political philosophy in search of new terminology] // Philosophical and literary journal "Logos". 2015. V. 25. № 6. P. 23-44.

Sekulyarnaya politicheskaya teologiya Marsiliya Paduanskogo [Secular political theology of Marcilia Paduansky] // Philosophical and literary journal "Logos." 2015. T. 25. № 6. P. 45-67. (In co-authorship with Afanasov N.B).

"Kinogid izvrashchenca": teper' v bumage [The Pervert's Guide to Cinema: now in the paper] / / Zizek S. The Pervert's Guide to Cinema: Cinema, philosophy, ideology. Ekaterinburg: Gonzo, 2014. S. 7-32.

Pavlov AV "Patriarhiya": politicheskaya filosofiya Roberta Filmera ["Patriarchy": Robert Filmer's Political Philosophy] // Politiya: Analiz. Hronika. Prognoz. 2014. No. 1. P. 92-105. (In co-authorship with Mishura A.S).

Publications in foreign languages:


Pavlov A., Khanova P. Cult in everything but name? Transnational experiences of (Western) cult cinema in late soviet and early post-Soviet Russia // Transnational Cinemas. 2016. Vol. 8. No. 1. P. 49. DOI: 10.1080/20403526.2017.1252544


Scientific editing

H. Arendt "On Revolution" / Edited by A. Pavlov. Moscow: Evropa, 2011.

S. Shapiro "Flight from Reality in the Human Sciences" / Translated in Russian by D.Uzlaner. Edited by A. Pavlov. Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2011

S, Žižek "The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime" / Edited by A. Pavlov. Moscow: Evropa, 2011.


Pavlov A. “The Evil Dead” : Split Universe of Postmodern Cinema. International Conference “Immersion Duration: from Short Videos and Films, to Series, to Computer Games”. TSU’s Academic Conference on Film and Media Studies. Tyumen. November 5th.

Pavlov A. Innovative and Traditional in Political Theology of Dante. International conference "Dante and World Culture". Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, Moscow, December 10, 2015

Pavlov A. Where we are conducted by mass culture?(plenary report) All-Russian IV scientific conference "Policy of Mass Culture". Higher School of Economics National Research University, Moscow, April 19, 2013

Pavlov A. Herzen: Towards the Problem of Identification. / "Alexander Herzen and historical fate of Russia" International Scientific Conference on the 200th anniversary of A.I.Herzen. Moscow, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences , 20-21 June 2012