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  Sergei A. Pavlov
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Sergei A. Pavlov


Date and place of birth


December 5, 1946, Lviv




Faculty of Physics, Kiev state University, 1970    




Candidate of philosophy (IPh RAS), 2000  


Researcher ID:  V-6375-2018


Scopus Author ID: 53986523800                                           



Main  research interests

Philosophical logic, the logic with operators of truth and falsehood, logical semantics and semiotics



  •  Logic with truth and falsity operators. Moscow, 2004.

  • Unified metatheory of logical semantics: ontological justification and construction of logic. Moscow: Canon+, ROOI "Rehabilitation", 2019. 176 p.

Selected articles


  • Formal calculus for Reism by T. Kotarbinsky // Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society. 2020. Issue 1-2 (91-92). Pp. 242-245.

  • The main terms of the unified metatheory of logical semantics // Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society. 2019. Issue 1-2 (89-90). Pp. 126-128.

  • Conditions for the applicability of classical logic to philosophical reasoning // Bulletin of the RUDN University. Series «Philosophy». 2018. Vol. 22. No. 2. Pp. 139-148. DOI: 10.22363/2313-2302-2018-22-2-139-148.

  • Completing the turn to language in logical semantics // Bulletin of the RUDN University. Series «Philosophy». 2017. No. 2. Pp. 199-212. DOI: 10.22363/2313-2302-2017-21-2-199-212.

  • Complex logic in the "understanding factor" // Alexander Zinoviev and actual problems of logic and methodology. Moscow, 2017. Pp. 81-91.

  • The ontological thesis of the generalized Boole-Frege semantics // Bulletin of the RUDN University. Series «Philosophy». 2016, No. 1, Pp. 58-69. ISSN 2313-2302 (RSCI Scientific article).

  • On the original theory of the new programme of construction and ontological justification of logic // Logical and philosophical research. Issue 7. 2016. Pp. 94-120. (ISBN 978-5-93883-307-4).

  • A logical approach to globalism // Global studies. Encyclopedia, Moscow. 2003, Pp. 529-530.

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  • Semiosis and its formalization // Modern logic: problems of theory, history and application in science. Materials of the VI-th all-Russian scientific conference. SPb., 2000. P. 83-86.

  • Logic FL4 with Falsewood Operator // MultiValued Logic. 2000, Vol. 5. Pp. 125-138. 


Abstracts of reports and presentations:


  • About Unified Semantics of Boolean logic and Fregean Semantics // 10-th Smirnov's readings on logic. The materials of the international scientific conference. M., 2017. Pp. 108-110.

  • Some metalogical criteria for the allocation of classes of logics // International scientific conference "Days of science of the faculty of philosophy (Taras Shevchenko's national University of Kiev)". Kiev, 2013. P. 64-66. 

  • Syntactic Analogues to Proof of the Adequacy Theorem // Eighth Smirnov's readings on logic. Moscow, 2013. Pp. 70-71.  

  • On the logical theory of truth with truth and falsity operators // What is the truth. Abstracts of the all-Russian scientific and practical conference. Makhachkala, 2013. P. 52-55. 

  • On the factor of understanding Alexander Zinoviev // IV-th international scientific conference "Zinoviev's readings": ideas and modernity. Kostroma: Kostroma University Publishing house, 2013. P. 52-61. 

  • The terms "truth" and "falsity" in the language // Philosophy and the future of civilization. Abstracts of reports and speeches of the IV-th Russian philosophical Congress. Volume I. Moscow, 2005 P. 525.

  • The axiomatic approach to the theory of symbols // Proceedings of the scientific research seminar of the logical center of the Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1997 . Moscow, 1998. P. 92-106.

  • Logic For Computer Reasoning // International Conference on Informatics and Control. St. Petersburg, 1997 P. 496-499.

  • Calculus of truth and falsity predicates // Logical analysis of natural languages. 2-nd Soviet-Finnish Colloquium on logic. Moscow, 1979. P. 70-73.


Scientific and organizational work

  • Member of the editorial board of "Logical research" journal.

  • Scientific Secretary of the "Proceedings of the research seminar of the logical center of the Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

  • Member of the Academic Council of the Department of epistemology and logic.

  • Chairman of the Philosophical society of the Institute of philosophy