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Seminars, in which members of the Department of the Theory of Knowledge take part:

Russian scientific seminar “Problems of consciousness”, IphRAS

(V.A.Lektorsky  Seminar Director) 

Theoretical  seminar “Problems of the Rational Philosophy”, IphRAS

(V.A. Lektorsky ─ Co-chairman of the Seminar) 

Academician interdisciplinary seminar “Exact Methods in Humanities”

Seminar of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sceince 

(V.A.Lektorksy – one of the managers) 


Interdisciplinary theoretical seminar "Philosophical and methodological problems of the Artificial Intelligence"

Monthly seminar of the Scientific Council on the Methodology of the Artificial Intelligence under the Branch of the Social Sciences RAS

(V.A.Lektorsky and D.I. Dubrovskij – Co-Chairmans of the Council, D.V. Ivanov ─ executive secretary of Council)

Seminar on the actual problems of epistemology is a constant part of the meetings of the Department.