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International Liasons

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International Liasons


The Departement is working in the continuing collaboration with many foreign philosophers. In 1994-1998 the Department worked as a basis for Center of Modern Gergman Philosophy and Sociology Research (Headed by I.T.Kassavin). The work of this Center resulted in two Russian-German philosophical conferences, two books to which both German and Russian authors have contributed their articles, translation and publishing of some important works of modern German authors and organization of the study course for young philosophers in Germany.


In 2005-2007 the work on the project devoted to constructivist approach have involved such prominent philosophers as T.Rockmore (USA), D.Backhurst (Canada), R.Harre (Great Britain), H.Lenk (Germany). The conference on the problem of constructivism with international participation was held in 2007, the collective monograph “Constructivist Approach in Epistemology and Human Sciences” which contains collaborations from R.Harre, H.Lenk and T.Rockmore was published in 2009.


Many members of the Department are individually involved in international collaboration.


V.A.Lektorsky is a member of the International Institute of Philosophy (Paris, France) and takes active role in the work of this Institute. He is an international member of Center of Philosophy of Science of Pittsburg University (Pittsburg, USA) and takes part in the activities of this Center. For 15 years (1988-2003) he eas a member of the Directors Council of International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) and in 1993-1998 he held the position of the vice-president of this Federation. V.A. Lektorsky used his work in FISP for establishing contacts of Russian philosophers with their foreign collegues. In 1988-2005 V.A.Lektorsky was a member of the Executive Comitee of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research. V.A.Lektorsky constantly presents his papers in international congresses, conferences, symposia.


N.S.Avtonomova is a member of internetional expert council that supervises the creation of the new library “University Library of Languages and Civilizations” in Paris where vast fonds of books in Russian language shall be regrouped and centralized.