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IPhRAS Publishers

Head of the Department

Alexey Babanov

Ph.D., Junior Research Fellow, Department of Philosophical Problems in Social Sciences and Humanities


On 3 February 1994 the Academic Council of the Institute decreed the establishment of a Publishing Department. The Department was entrusted with the task of directing all type-setting activities in other departments of the Institute, of correcting, copy-editing and page-proofing the materials, of preparing the mock-ups (including cover design) and of disseminating the published editions.

In the course of its activities the structure of the Publishing Department has constantly evolved to perfect the coordination of the different stages of the editorial process in various divisions of the Institute.

To this date, more than 350 books have been published using the mock-ups prepared by the Publishing Department.



Adress: Goncharnaya 12/1, Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

Telephone: (495) 697-95-98.

Fax: (495) 609-93-50.