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  Vladimir Shevchenko
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Vladimir Shevchenko

Vladimir Shevchencko


ResearcherID: U-9075-2018

Year and birthplace

1939, Moscow



  • 1962 – Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU).
  • 1969 – Postgraduate Course at the Department of Philosophy, BMSTU.


Academic degree and Titles

  • 2007 – Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation.
  • 1984 – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences. Doctoral Thesis: “Sociophilosophical Analysis of the Development of Society”.
  • 1971 – Doctor of Philosophy. PhD Thesis: “The Issue of Adequate Reflection in Scientific Knowledge".
  • Since 2010 – Member of the Presidium of the Moscow Branch of the Russian Philosophical Society.

Professional appointments

  • 2014 – present – Chief Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, RAS.
  • 1999–2013 – Head of the Sector of Philosophical Problems of Politics, Institute of Philosophy, RAS.
  • 1987–2014 – Professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Academy of Social Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Management, Professor of the Russian Academy of Public Administration, Professor of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
  • 1971–1987 – Deputy Chief Editor of the magazine "Philosophical Sciences".

Scientific Leadership

Scientific Supervisor of 4 Doctors of Philosophical Sciences and 16 PhDs.


Monographs and the Collective Monographs:

  • «New modernity» and tradition in a multipolar world: philosophical-political analysis.: Moscow.2018. 117 PP. (with Vladimir Shevchenko, Valeria Spiridonova, Rimma Sokolova)
  • Modern Problems of the Russian State. Philosophical Essays. M.: "Progress", 2015. 464 p., (co-authors:  Sokolova R.I., Spiridonova V. I.)
  • Integration and Disintegration Processes in the History of the Russian State: a Sociophilosophical Aspect / Edited by V. N. Shevchenko. M.: 2015. ( co-authors: Spiridonova V. I., Sokolova R. I., Burov V. G.).
  • Sociohistorical and Ideological Foundations of the Modern Russian State / Edited by V. N. Shevchenko. M.: 2014. 221 p. (co-authors: Burov V. G., Sokolova R.I., Spiridonova V. I., Sharova V.L.).
  • Dynamics of Internal and External Factors and the Vector of Development of the Russian Society / Edited  by V. N. Shevchenko. M.: 2013. 233 p. (co-authors:  Burov V. G., Sokolova R., Spiridonova V. I.).
  • The Russian State: An Experience of Philosophical Reading. M.: "Progress", 2012. 512 p. (co-authors: Sokolova R.I., Spiridonova V. I.)
  • Political Strategies of the Russian State as a Philosophical Problem. / Edited by V. N. Shevchenko. M.: 2011. 238 p. (co-authors: Burov V. G., Sokolova R.I., Spiridonova V. I.).
  • A Modern State, Society, People: the Russian Specificity / Edited by V. N. Shevchenko. M.: 2010. 243 p. (co-authors: Burov V. G., Osipova E. V., Sokolova R.I., Spiridonova V. I.).
  •  Anthropological Dimension of the Russian State / Edited by V. N. Shevchenko. M.: 2009. (co-authors: Burov V. G., Osipova E. V., Sokolova R.I., Spiridonova V. I.).


Articles (selected):

  • Discussions about Stalin in modern Russian society // Alternatives. 2019. No 3. P. 133-148.
  • On the methodology of analysis of modern problems of  world order // Philosophy of Politics and Law. 2019. No 10. P. 234‒248. URL:
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Learning and Teaching Workings:

  • Chapters XVI, XVIII, XIX, §§ 4-6 of Chapter XX, Chapter XXI, Chapter XXIII // A Course in Philosophy. Ed. by L. N. Moskvichev. M.:  2004. (2nd ed. 2006).
  • Chapters 15, 18, 19. The Subject of Social Philosophy.  The Philosophical Idea of History. The Current Stage of World History // Philosophy (Ed. by O. A. Mitroshenkov). M., 2002.