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  Department of Social Philosophy: Research Report for 2010
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Department of Social Philosophy: Research Report for 2010



1. Researching of a region by conflictological paradigm allowed to understand not only the reality of being the region’s population itself,but also to analyze active interaction between different social-political groups. That is why the term “regional conflictology” was mark out. This term is widely used in academic circles along with term “regional conflict”.


Publications:  Dmitriev A.V. A South of Russia: the Conflictological Expertise. Moscow: Alfa-M, 2010.



2.  There are profound changes, determined by involvement of the range of non-west countries to intensive world development and economic growth and by rise of the quantity of resources’ consumers. This changing social reality has lack of description by classical conception of progress now, because of understanding the West as an universal pattern of development for the non-west countries, doomed is supposed to overtaking modernization. The multiple-factor model is suggested instead of linear model of progress. And instead of overtaking modernization – the national model, combining westernization and solution of own society’s problems with their own methods.


Publications:  The Changing Sociality: The New Forms of Modernization and Progress. Moscow: Institute of  Philosophy RAS, 2010.



3. Because of extreme actualization of the psychic, intellectual, moral and in whole social development of each human the natural and social conditions of overcoming of infantile being of human and society are revealed. And the strategy of formation of Ripe Society is developed.


Publications:  Ripe Society: The Problems, Reality, Perspectives. Moscow: Perspectiva, 2010.



4. In a boarders of researching of the problem of the philosophy of economy the economic practice is considered as sphere of socio-cultural creativity and the human – as its subject, motivated in his activity not only by his economic interests. Justified a conclusion that effective economic policy is possible only with taking into consideration of ideas of modern humanitarian knowledge.


Publications:  Sizemskaya I.N. Philosophy of Economy // Filosofskie Nauki. 2010. No. 11.



5. The mechanisms of the integral satiation (saturation), which is followed a crisis of values and its overcoming are revealed. The same for the transition to the new values as a result of reconventionalization. Also there is analysis of a several crisises and subsequent reconventionalization.


Publications:  A Role of Convention in the Constructing Theories and Ontology of Social Process // Philosophy of Cognition. To Anniversary of L.A. Mikeshina. Moscow: Rosspen, 2010.



6. It is revealed that dialog needs not only communication activity but also a creation of the concord surrounding.


Publications: Fedotova V.G. Democratic Consolidation, Basic Theories of Solidarity and Concepts of Solidaristic Practices // Philosophia i Kultura. 2010. No. 11.