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  Department of Social Philosophy: Research Report for 2011
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Department of Social Philosophy: Research Report for 2011



In 2011 department of social philosophy finished program “Changing Sociality: Contours of Future”, during realization of one were detected: problems and vectors of social changes, its nonlinearity and inevitability of cognitive changes in understanding of new processes.


1. In 2011 one of the basic result is the analysis of crisis development of capitalism and revelation of the scenarios of its future. There are forecast models:

  • Natural evolution, determined by appearance of the Asiatic tigers of economy growth and influence of lack of resources, energy, climate changes, and inability to keep previous consumerist order of the west countries and their dominance of economy over society because of limited possibilities of planet Earth;
  • Wide variety of forms of capitalism and forms of management;
  • Convergence of capitalism and socialism in a situation of incorporation of many new countries into the economic growth’ process and also for the pressure on the planet Earth, which demands combination of economy, society and ethics for changing of role of the economic inducements; elimination both poverty and unrestrained consumerism;
  •  Crisis processes in capitalism, growth number of conflicts and retreat from the ideas of socialism and social-democracy in the conditions of the globalization, which allows the capital seek to the countries with low taxes and deprives national capitalism of tax base, can dispose of the possibility of usage of these terms and lead to form of conception of the difference of economic system and the multitude of modernization’ processes.


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2. Analysis of difficulties and changes in social theory. There is strengthening of cognitive-constructive ideas, in contrast to previous positions, aimed at cognition of the already existent. Among these changes – possibility of replacement of terms, rejection of the range of theories or their transformation. Following changes are fixed: in understanding of the correlation of theory and practice; in the concept of sustainable development and middle class, that gain to a greater extent cultural than economic characteristics; in theory of conflict about the question of concord; in theory of modernization – denial of the concept of overtaken modernization and transition to acceptance of multitude of modernization; also in the theories of capitalism. Capitalism and socialism considered not only as real societies, that appeared and survived in history until the present, but in the same time – as a category of social cognition. It is shown that these terms mean alternative concepts of modernization, that been defined and define now its practical-political and economical value for many countries. A discourses of capitalism are analyzed and possible scenarios of the future are laid down.


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3. There is philosophical and characterological analysis of contemporary concepts of the justice, and their origins are revealed. Also researched: problems of Russian social-political practice from the point of view of the ethics of justice. It is shown that there is fundamental distinction between peculiarities of west and Russian moral thought, which is in the certain pragmatism (special conceptual practicalness) of the west (American and West Europe) culture as opposed to typical non pragmatic moralizing in Russia; - peculiarities to a considerable degree determining the character of difference of the social-political practice.


Publications: Kanarsh G.U. Social Justice: The Philosophical Concepts And The Situation In Russia. Moscow: Moscow Humanitarian University Press, 2011. 236 p.


4. The main stages of consumption’ development are analyzed, that helps to clarify the origin of the consumer society in the West in the second half of XX century.  It is shown that consumer society appears only in the West, but the ideology of consumption extend as to west, so to non-west society. It leads to considerable contradictions in the real forms of life in non-west countries. In the focus of these contradictions is the consumer culture – the latest form of consumerism.


Publications: Kuznetsov D.A. Chelovek v obshestve potrebleniya (“Human In The Consumer Society”), LAP-publishing. 2011. 144 p. — ISBN-978-3-8465-0512-0.