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  Valentina Solonnikova
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Valentina Solonnikova

Русскоязычная версия страницы

 Year and place of birth:

1946, Moscow 


 1978, Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University

 Fields of research:

  • The history of political philosophy
  • political institutions and processes in post-Communist Russia
 Professional appointments:  Junior Research Fellow of the Department of History of Political Philosophy, IPhRAS

 List of Publications


  • Machiavelli: Policy and economy of violence) // Historical and Philosophical Yearbook, 2012;
  • Cassirer Ernst. The technique of modern political myths // Phylosophycal studies, № 3-4. 2004;
  • Rescher N. Perplexing phenomena // The questions of Phylosophy, №1, 2002;
  • Hayek F. Individualism: the true and false (Chapter I. from the book "Individualism and economic order") // About freedom. The anthology of global liberal thought of the first part of 20-th century. Moscow, 2000.