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Asya A. Syrodeeva

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   Year and place of birth

   1962, India, New Delhi

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5527-6122

Reseacher ID: V-6159-2018

Scopus Author ID: 57195619450


   Moscow State University, Psychology department, 1985



   Ph.D. in Philosophy, 1995, RAS Institute of Philosophy

Fields of research

Socio-philosophical problems of individual and public conciousness

Professional apppointments

Senior Research Fellow, RAS Institute of Philosophy (works in the RAS Institute of Philosophy since 1984)

University courses

  • "The principles and content of multicultural education» (Sochi Multicultural Education College, 2003).
  • "Multicultural education" (URAO, 2000). 
  • "Philosophy of Psychology (Department of Psychology, GUGN, 1998, 1999).

Course Handbooks

Intercultural education. M.: MIROS, 2001

Research Projects 

  • Russian-British project «Democratization of education and civic training"(1999-2002).  







Social Eclecticism. M.: Vost. Lit., 2021. (PDF)

Practical Ideology. M.: RAS Institute of Philosophy, 2016. (in co-authorship) (PDF)

Potency of the Small. M.: Vost. Lit., 2012. (PDF)

Multicultural education: a training manual. M.: MIROS, 2001.

World of the Small: describing locality. M.: RAS Institute of Philosphy, 1998. (PDF)





In English:

  • Current Philosophy in Russia// First Edition. FISP News-Letter. Spring 2006. P. 26-31. Second Edition. Philosophy Worldwide: Current Situation. Materials for the International Cooperation and Philosophical Encounters. FISP. 2007. P. 132-139.
  • Ideological Freedom: The case of Russian philosophy // “History and Philosophy of Psychology”, Spring 2006.
  • The Neighbour Cultures in the Light of the Locality Principle // “Social Sciences”. 1995. №1. Pp. 183-185.
  • In Search of New Social Identity (Soviet Refugees’ Case). // “Social Sciences”. 1992. №3
  • The Idea of Modernity: Psychological consequences. // The Social Critique of the Theory of Modernization. M., 1992. Pp.138-141.


In Russian:

See the Russian page of the website.



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Years and place of birth

1962, India, New Delhi