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Elena O. Trufanova

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Born in Moscow, on December 17th, 1981.                                                                          

Researcher ID: P-2266-2016

Scopus Author ID: 56479166200

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State Academic University for Humanities, Philosophy Department (1999-2004)



Ph.D. in Philosophy (Candidate of Science) since 2007 (thesis subject: "Unity and multiplicity of the Self as an epistemological problem")

Dr.hab. (Doctor of Science) in Philosophy since 2018 (thesis subject: "Subject and cognition in the world of social constructions")


Main Research Interests

 the Self, personal identity, theory of knowledge, social constructionism, constructivism, realism, relativism, psychology, escapism

Professional appointments

Since 2016 till  present - Leading Research Fellow, Head of the Department of the Theory of Knowledge; 

Since 2015 till present - Executive Editor of the Journal "Philosophy of Science and Technology"

Since 2011 - till 2016 - Senior Research Fellow of the Department of the Theory of Knowledge

Since 2007 till 2011 - Research Fellow of the Department of the Theory of Knowledge

Teaching experience

2019 till  present - professor of the Department of philosophy, cultural studies and sociology at the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University”.

2016 till present - lecturer in History and Philosoiphy of Science at the State Academic University for Humanities (Postgraduate Studies)

2012 - till present -  lecturer in Epistemology at the State Academic University for Humanities

2006-2014 - lecturer in Philosophy at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

2004-2007 - lecturer in Philosophy at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering;

International professional activities

2016 till present - member of the European Philosophy of Science Association

2016 till present - member of the Steering Comittee of the East European Network for Philosophy of Science



  • The Subject and Cognition in the World of Social Constructions. Moscow: Kanon+ Publ., 2018. (in Russian) Consciousness: Explanation, Construction, Reflection. Moscow: IphRAS, 2016, (co-authored with D.Ivanov, Zh.Zagidullin) (in Russian)

  • Unity and Multiplicity of the Self. Moscow: Kanon+ Publ., 2011. (in Russian)


Selected Articles:

(In English)

  • On the disappearance of the Self // Russian Studies in Philosophy. 2018. Vol. 56. Iss. 1. P. 49-60. 

  • Epistemology and Philosophy of Science in Present Russian Philosophical Thought: Soviet Roots and Current Status // Archivio di Storia della Cultura – Anno XXVIII-2015. Pp. 261-287. 

  • Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science and Technology in Contemporary Russian Philosophy (between the late 1980’s and 2013) // Vol. 66, nos. 3-4. 2014. Studies in East European Thought. (co-authored with V.G.Gorokhov)

  • Scientist-Escapist and Scientist-Manager: Search for Understanding Between Science and Society //Historiae Scientarum Baltica. Abstracts of the XXVI International Baltic Conference of the History of Science. Helsinki, 2014. P.53. (co-authored with A.F.Yakovleva)

  • Personal Identity in the Age of Mass Communication // Philosophy: Theory and Practice. Moscow: IphRAS, 2013.

  • Personal identity in the age of mass communication // XXIII World Congress of Philosophy. Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life. Athens 04-10 August 2013. Abstracts. Athens, 2013. P.732. 


(in Russian)


  • Man in the Digital Age // Proxima. Problems of visual semiotics. No. 4 (34). Pp. 102-122. DOI: 10.23951/2312-7899-2022-4-102-122 (co-authors: A.A. Dydrov et al.).**

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  • Paradoxes of identity // Replicas: philosophical conversations / Author of the idea, comp. and ed. by Yu.V. Sineokaya. M.: Publishing house of YASK, 2021. Pp. 449-472 (in co-authorship with P.S. Gurevich).

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2016 - Prize of the Moscow Government for the Young Scienitsts of the year 2015, nomination Social Sciences for the series of articles on the present transformations of the role of science and of the scientist in contemporary society  (co-authored with A.F.Yakovleva)


2010 - The medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences with prize for the young scientists of RAS and other establishments and organizations in Russia (Contest for the year 2010 in Philosophy, Sociology, Pscychology and Law) for the monograph “Unity and Multiplicity of the Self (Moscow, 2010); the encouragement prize in the philosophical essays contest “Human in the Labyrinth of Identities” (Iph RAS 2009).