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  Valentina G. Fedotova
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Valentina G. Fedotova

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Valentina G. Fedotova



Polytechnic Institute and post-graduate of chair of philosophy of natural sciences in MSU.



Doctor of sciences in philosophy. Theme: Socio-Cultural Determination In Social Cognition. 1986, Institute of Philosophy RAS

Candidate of science. Theme: Inform Approach To Analysis Of The Art. Moscow State University.


Academic Titles




Science Interests

  • Social philosophy, methodology of social cognition
  • Analysis of social transformations and megatrends – modernization, globalization, progress
  • Research of social order during the period of transformations, changes of values
  • Social construction of society, futurology (scenario of Russian development, future of capitalism)


Professional Activities

Main research fellow


Teaching  Experience

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

Moscow State University

Higher School of Economics (National Research University)


Reading lectures in the universities of Voronezh, Tambov, Briansk, Nyzhny-Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg.

Now – chairman assistant of the Academic Senate D.002.015.02 (Institute of philosophy RAS) for the defence of a doctors’ of sciences dissertations in the social philosophy.


Courses of lectures

  • “Social Knowledge’s and Social Changes”
  • “Globalization and Modernization”
  • “Russia’s Development and The National Modernization Project”
  • “Good Society”
  • “Methodology of social cognition”
  • “Political Culture”

Scientific Supervision

Graduation of fourteen post-graduates, supervision of ten doctors of sciences


Teaching and methodological research

Co-author of textbook of Methodology and History of Science (Gardarika, 2005) – Part about methodology of socio-humanitarian sciences (with co-authorship with L.A.Mikeshina).

Co-author of studying programs for universities.

Author of course of lectures for the chair of sociology in Higher School of Economics (National Research University) “Modernization And Processes Of Social Transformations”.



  • Interaction of culture and modernization in modern processes and projects of development, RHSF. Fedotova V.G. – head
  • Concepts of noneconomic capital as a factor of the increasing of complexity of the contemporary social-cultural dynamics, RFFR. Fedotova V.G. – head
  • “Social Knowledge’s and Social Changes”, “Problem Of The Risks Of Developing Russia”
  • “Modernization and Globalization”
  • “Post-evolutional Concepts .of Development”
  • “Good Society”
  • “Social Capital and Economy”
  • “Non-economic Capital (Social, Human, Culture and Symbolic) and Economy”
  • Russian-Vietnamese project ‘’Modernization and Ecology”
  • Collaboration with China Academy of Social Sciences  and universities of Pekin and Guangzhou
  • Grant “Political Modernization and Development Of The Society”, South Illinois University, 1995
  • Fulbright grant
  • Grant “Social Knowledge’s And Social Changes”, Columbia University (New-York), 1997-1998
  • MacArthurs Fund’s Grant “Globalization of The Local Misfortunes”. Moscow, 2004.


Author of nine books and more than 200 papers. Some publications translated into English, German, Bulgarian, Turkish, Vietnamese.


Books (in Russian)

Editorship and Co-authorship

  • New Ideas in The Social Philosophy. Moscow: Institute of Philosophy RAS, 2006.
  • «Good Society»: The Social Construction of The Society Acceptable for The Life. Moscow: Institute of Philosophy RAS, 2003.
  • Modernization and Globalization: The Images of Russia in The XXI Century. Moscow: Institute of Philosophy RAS, 2002.
  • Social Knowledge’s and Social Changes. Moscow: Institute of philosophy RAS, 2001.
  • A Theory and Lifeworld. Moscow: Institute of philosophy RAS, 1995.

Recent Papers and Chapters

(in Russian) 





  • Fedotova V.G. The End of the Catch-Up Model of Modernization // Strategy. Journal of Institute of economic strategies RAS department. 2012. N.5;
  • Fedotova V.G. Thomas’ Theorem of Chinese Modernization // Voprosy filosofii, 2012. N.6;
  • Fedotova V.G. A Successful Lessons of Modernization: How to Turn Weakness Into The Strength? // Politicheskaya nauka. 2012. N.2;
  • Fedotova V.G. Civil Culture: A Concept For Societies That Enter Into the Democracy // Civil society: Ideas and Practice. Annual . Cheboksary, 2012. Vol. 5. P. 8-23;
  • Fedotova V.G. Policy and Performance // Voprosy kulturologii (“Questions of Culturology”). 2012. No.12. P. 38 – 43.
  • Fedotova V.G. Preface // Lamagaa Ch. K. The Archaization of Society. A Tuvinian Phenomenon. Moscow, 2013. P. 3-8.
  • Fedotova V.G. Economy in Modernization’ projects // Regional Problems of Reorganization of Economy: The Interdisciplinary Approach to Forming a Mechanism of Stimulation of Development. Makhachkala, 2012. P. 88-105.

Senates and Committees

  • A member of Academic Senate of Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Science and of the specialized academic senates.
  • A member of committees in Institute of Philosophy RAS.
  • A participant of the organizing committees of congresses and conferences
  • A member of committee of the problems of women and children in Central Federal Society.
  • A member of board of trustees in Institute of Political Sciences of Russian Social University.

Basic Science Results

Concern with discovering of social-culture determinates of social cognition, putting of the culture-focused research program into the methodology of social cognition, displaying forms of interaction with naturalistic program according to the expertise of social projects and programs. Revelation of the connection of globalization and modernization. Research and development of concept of the national models of modernization, theory of pre-orders in processes of transformation and fix these pre-orders in post-communistic epoch such as anarchy pre-order, apathy pre-order, formal-rational pre-order. Research concept of the autochthonous capitalisms in the conditions of globalization and new cycles of modernization, new modern era for non-west ethos’s.



First award in Best Book Contest Insitute of Philosophy RAS – “Global Capitalism: Three Great Transformations (The Social-Philosophical Analysis of The Relationships Of Economy And Society)” (in co-authorship), 2009

First award in Best Book Contest Institute of Philosophy RAS – “Modernization of The Another Europe”, 1998

Medal of V.I.Lenin Anniversary, medal of Moscow 800’s Anniversary