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  Yury V. Oleinikov
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Yury V. Oleinikov

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Date and place of birth 1947, Sergeevka (Primorye Territory, Budenovsky area)

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy (1974)



PhD in Philosophy. Thesis: Methodological Principles Of The Interaction Of Society and Nature In The Conditions Of Scientific-Technical Revolution (MSU, 1978)

DSc in Philosophy. Thesis: Ecological Problems Of Scientific-Technical Revolution (Institute Of Philosophy AS USSR, 1989)


Fields of research

Social ecology, social philosophy

Professional  appointments

Leading research fellow at the IPh RAS

Head of the chair of General Theoretic Disciplines of the branch of RSSU (Pavlovsky-Posad)

University courses

Ecology, social ecology

Scientific Supervision

1 post-graduate


Tutorial on subject “Social Ecology”

Research projects

Head of the grants:

Grant of The Ministry of Ecology “Ecological Codex of Russia” (1992);

Grant “Socio-natural factors of the contemporary ecological situation” (1994-1997) with support of Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund;

Grant “Natural Factor Of The Socio-Natural History Of Russia” (1998-2001) with support of Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund.



Books and chapters:
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Perspectives of post-modern modernization // Social-Philosophical Analysis of Modernization: Theories, Models, Experience / Moscow: IPhRAS, 2013. P.69-79. 
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Ripe Society: The Problems, Reality, Perspectives. Moscow: Perspectiva, 2010.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Ecological Interaction Of Society And Nature (Philosophical Analysis). Moscow: Russian State Social University, 2008. (In-coauthorship)
  • Oleinikov Y.V. The Infantile Society? Moscow: Russian State Social University, 2008.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Natural Factor Of The Being Of Russian Society. Moscow: IPh RAS, 2003.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. The Noospheric Project Of Evolution Of Socio-Natural Universe. Moscow: IPh RAS, 1999. (In co-authorship with Onosov A.A.)
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Ecological Alternatives Of Scientific-Technical Revolution. Moscow: Nauka (“Science”), 1987.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. The World-view And Ecological Problem // Philosophy And Ecological Problem. Moscow, 1990


  • Oleinikov Y.V. Alternatives of the Post-Industrial Modernization // Philosophia i kultura (“Philosophy and Culture”). 2013. N5.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Natural Selection in Human Population // Nature and Society in the Processes of Interaction. Socio-Natural History. 2013. Vol. XXXVII. 
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Fundamental Transformation of Being of Socio-Natural Universe // Journal "Philosophy and Culture". 2012. N.6.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Social Aspect Of The Contemporary Technological Modernization // Filosofskie nauki  (“Philosophical Sciences”). 2010. N9.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Ecological Restriction Of The Being Of Society // Philosophy And Society, 2008. N3.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Radical Change Of The Space And Role Of Humankind In The Being Of Socio-Natural Universe // History And Modernity. 2008. N1.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Natural Factor Of The Social-Historical Process (To The Methodology  Of Research) // Filosofia I obshestvo. 2003. N3.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Natural Factor Of Historical Being Of Russia // Filosofia I obshestvo. 2001. N3.
  • Oleinikov Y.V. Human And Nature // Bulletin MSU. Philosophy. 1993. N6.

In all more than 180 of scientific publications in Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, German, Spain, English.


Silver Medal VDNKh-USSR for the book ” Ecological Alternatives Of Scientific-Technical Revolution”