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  Igor Mikhaylov
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Igor Mikhaylov

 Igor Mikhaylov

Date and place of birth

December 10, 1968, Minsk (BSSR)




  • 1996 Ph.D. in Philosophy (“The concepts of ‘life’and ‘history’ in German philosophy XIX -XX (Count Wartenburg, Wilhelm Dilthey and the Early Heidegger));
  • 1992-1995 - Postgraduate Student. Department of modern western philosophy. Institute of Philosophy;
  • 1985-1992 - Student of the Belorussian State University, Department of Philosophy


Areas of investigation

Heidegger, Husserl, Dilthey, Wartenburg; Phenomenology of Language, Phenomenology of Art, The Problem of Art and Poetry and their understanding in modern philosophy (Lenk, Jauss, Sonntag, Rorty)


Professional appointments
  • January 1996 - junior scientific employee at the Department of modern western Philosophy (Institute of Philosophy, Moscow); 1997 - Research Fellow; 2001 - Senior Research Fellow;
  • 2011 - Senior Research Fellow at the IPhRAS Department of Contemporary Western Philosophy


Research interests

western philosophy of the XIX-XX Centuries; philosophy of history, phenomenology; hermeneutics; Dilthey; Husserl; Heidegger; the Frankfurt school of social philosophy


Professional activities

Research work, translation, teaching philosophy; organizational work.


 Scientific Publications


  • The Early Heidegger: Between phenomenology and life-philosophy. (Book). Moscow: Russian Phenomenological Society. 1999.  284 P.


  • Dilthey (Article), in: History of Philosophy. West-Russia-East. Vol. 3. Ed. by N. Motroschilova & J. Schitschalin. M.: 1997. - 0,5
  • Was Heidegger a Phenomenologist? (Article), in: Logos. 1995. No. 6. - 1,5 
  • articles for encyclopedias and lexicas:
  • “Husserl” // Encyclopedia of Culturology. Moscow 1997: “Husserl”


  • [Review of:] Heidegger M.: Grundprobleme der Phaenomenologie (1919/20) - Gesamtausgabe Bd. 58. Frankfurt a. M. 1993, in Logos. 1997. No.8. - 1,5
  • [Review of:] “Martin Heidegger/Elisabeth Blochmann. Briefwechsel” Marbach a. Neckar. 1989. in Logos. 1993, No. 3 - 0.25
  • Analytical Review of “Martin-Heidegger-Jahresgabe” (1986-1992), in: Logos. 1993. No. 3. - 0,75


  • Martin Heidegger and the Ancient Greece (Translation, Introduction and Commentary to the selected places from Heideggers lectures on Heraklit (1944), “Reports on Philosophy (1933-38) and “Aufenthalte” (1969), in: Literary-philosophical Studies. Minsk. BGU. 1993 - 1,5 quires;