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History of Philosophy Yearbook




Within the Branch for History of Philosophy, the Department of History of Western Philosophy participates since 1986 in the annually published History of Philosophy Yearbook (Istoriko-Filosofskij Ezhegodnik); the Head of our Department, Professor Nelly Motroshilova is the Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook;  PhD in Philosophy Maria Solopova is the Project Editor.


The research articles of the Russian and foreign thinkers, new translations into Russian of classical philosophical texts, archival materials, reviews of works of Russian and foreign authors, interdisciplinary researches, as well as papers of the international and domestic conferences are published on pages of the Yearbook. The content is distributed on following sections: Ancient and Medieval philosophy, Russian philosophy, Oriental philosophy, Classical German Philosophy, Modern Western philosophy. The content of the issues 2004–2011 is presented on a site of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (


ISSN 0134–8655



Editorial Board:



Editorial Board Members:

  • Marina Bykova (North Carolina State University, Raleigh N.C., USA), Professor;
  • Anatoly Chernyaev (Institute of Philosophy RAS), PhD;
  • Tamara Dlugatch (Institute of Philosophy RAS), DSc, Professor;
  • Alexander Dobrokhotov (National Research University Higher School of Economics), DSc, Professor;
  • Mikhail Gromov (Institute of Philosophy RAS), DSc, Professor;
  • Alexei Kozyrev (Lomonossov Moscow State University, DSc, Professor;
  • Alexei Kruglov (Russian State University for Humanities), DSc, Professor;
  • Svetlana Messiats (Institute of Philosophy RAS), PhD;
  • Andrey Smirnov (Institute of Philosophy RAS), Corresponding Member of the RAS, DSc, Professor;
  • Maria Solopova (Institute of Philosophy RAS), PhD – Execitive Editor;
  • Marietta Stepaniants (Institute of Philosophy RAS), DSc, Professor;
  • Vladimir Shokhin (Institute of Philosophy RAS), DSc, Professor;
  • Vadim Vassiliev (Lomonossov Moscow State University), DSc, Professor.


History of Philosophy Yearbook

(the latest issues)



History of Philosophy Yearbook 2016 / Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. – Moscow, Aquilo Press, 2016. – 336 pages. – ISSN 0134-8655.




History of Philosophy Yearbook 2015 / Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. – Moscow, Aquilo Press, 2015. – 432 pages. – ISSN 0134-8655.




History of Philosophy Yearbook 2014 / Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. – Moscow, Kanon Plus Publ., 2014. – 438 pages. – ISSN 0134-8655.




History of Philosophy Yearbook’2012


History of Philosophy Yearbook 2012. Moscow, Kanon Plus Publ., 2013. – 424 pages. – Hardcover.


The current issue of the History of Philosophy Yearbook acquaints the readers with new translations and research papers on classical European and Russian philosophy. The volume contains translation of the treatise by Philo of Alexandria “On Giants”, and studies on Spinoza, Hume, Kant, Hegel. There is also published in it Russian translation of a fragment of Kant’s lectures from the years 1783/84 that helps to trace the dynamics of the development of the ethical views of this German philosopher. Large group of articles is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Jean Jacques Rousseau. The issue also offers papers on Nietzsche, on the history of formation of the Eurasian movement, and Russian philosophy of 19th and 20th centuries. In the attachment to the volume the readers can find a bibliography of the works on history of philosophy published in 2009–2010 in Russia.


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2011


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2011. Moscow: Kanon Plus Publ., 2012. – 472 pages. – Hardcover.


The History of Philosophy Yearbook’2011 contains a series of articles on a history of Ancient Philosophy and doxography, and also on the correlation between Late Ancient Philosophy and Christianity. The translation of Galen’s work «That the Best Physician is also a Philosopher» is published for the first time. The articles on history of Western Philosophy consider two main topics: ideas of Cartesianists and Kant’s attitude towards ontological project and his contribution to the development of philosophical anthropology. The part dedicated to the 20th Century philosophy analyzes phenomenological philosophy of 1920-1930s years as well as Italian philosophy in the first half of the 20th Century. The section on history of Russian Philosophy includes investigations of philosophical and historical views of Vladimir Solovyov, articles about Eurasianism and philosophy of Georges Florovsky.

History of Philosophy Yearbook’2010


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2010. (PDF)


ISBN 978-5-98712-068-2.




History of Philosophy Yearbook’200


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2009.


Moscow: Centre of Humanitarian Initiatives, 2010.

History of Philosophy Yearbook’2008


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2008.


Moscow: Nauka, 2009.


ISBN: 9785-5-02-036810-1.


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2007


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2007.


Moscow: Nauka, 2008.


ISBN 978-5-02-035961-1.


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2006


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2006(PDF)


Moscow: Nauka, 2006.


ISBN 5-02-033856-7.

History of Philosophy Yearbook’2005


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2005(PDF)


Moscow: Nauka, 2005.


ISBN 5-02-033410-3.




History of Philosophy Yearbook’2004


History of Philosophy Yearbook’2004. (PDF)


Moscow: Nauka, 2005.


ISBN 5-02-032882-0.