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ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2004



Moral Theory

Leonid Maximov, On Subjectivistic Trends in the Contemporary Moral Philosophy.



Morality and Politics

Public Space and the Real Politics (A Talk of Sergei Zemlyanoy with Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Abdusalam Gusseinov).
Sergei Zemlyanoy, The Ethics of Bertold Brecht.
Andrey Prokofiev, The Fluid Web of Human Relationships (the Disciplinary and Perfectionist Aspects of Morality Through the Prism of Arendt's Political Philosophy).
Review: The Moral Choice in Politics; Morality in Politics, ed. by Boris Kapustin.



Forgiveness and Excuse

Introduction to Publication (by Ruben Apressyan)
Govier T. Forgiveness and the Unforgivable.
Review: Renata Ratmaier, The Pragmatics of Excuse.



History of Moral Philosophy

Viktor Lazarenko, The Ontological Foundation of Wellbeing of the Plato's Perfect State.
Polina Gadjikurbanova, The Special Feature of Stoics' Conception of Virtue ('Appropriate to the Circumstances' (kathekonta peristatika)).
Oleg Kirjazev, Precursor of Civilization Synthesis.
Sergei Zemlyanoy, Phenomenology and Ethics.