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№ 12

ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2012


Table of Contents


Philosophical Ethics and Its Perspectives in Modern World: Round-table to the 10th Anniversary of the Yearbook, Eticheskaya Mysl (Ethical Thought)



To the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of David Hume

Apressyan R. The Sense of Morality in David Hume’s Ethics

Artemyeva O. On the Nature of Morality in David Hume’s Philosophy 

Maximov L. Hume's Guillotine: pro et contra

Sychev A. Hume's Guillotine and J.R.Searl’s Institutional Approach

Razin A. David Hume and the Idea of Emotional Resonance in Ethics

Zubets O. Hume’s Notion of Pride: The Moral Agenсy as the Basis for Personal Identity

Prokofyev A. Between Natural and Artificial: the Normative Content and Psychological Mechanisms of Ethics of Justice in D.Hume and  A.Smith

Rohozha M. David Hume on the Principles of Morality for the Civil Society 

Gluchman V. David Hume’s Idea of Humanity

Avanesov S. Suicide and radical self-definition of subject in David Hume 



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