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№ 9

ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2009



History of Moral Philosophy


The Morality of Immoralism: Conversation of Dmitryi Fjuche and Academician Abdusalam Gesseinov.

Polina Gadjikurbanova, ‘Spiritual Exercises’ or ‘Concern with Self’ (Stoic Ethics in Pierre Hadot’s and Michel Foucault’s Interpretations).  

Ruben Apressyan, The Ethics of Heroic Enthusiasm of Giordano Bruno.

Maria Gelfond, Belief as a Strategy of Life (Reflections on the Nature of Belief in Tolstoy’s Thought).



Normative and Applied Ethics


Leonid Maximov, Justification as a Procedure and a Verdict of Moral Consciousness.

Olga Zubets, Archeology of Aristocratism (Anglomania as a Way of Philosophizing).

Andrey Prokofiev, The Choice of the Lesser Evil and the Limits of Morally Acceptable.

Elena Sosnovskaya, Specific Character of Japanese Moral Consciousness.





Foreword to the Publication, by Sergei Isaev.

Jean-Paul Sartre, Notebooks on Ethics.

Foreword to the Publication, by Olga Artemyeva.

John Stuart Mill, Speech in Favour of Capital Punishment.

Joan Callahan, From the ‘Applied’ to the Practical: Teaching Ethics for Use.