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№ 7

ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2006



Ethics in Culture

Karen Svassyan, The Spiritual Sciences: Without Spirit and Science.
Sergei Zemlyanoy, The Tragic Vision – Essay Writings – Philosophy in the Spiritual Experience of Young George Lukac. 



Normative Ethics

Ruben Apressyan, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay”: On Normative Contexts and Associations of a Precept Do Not Resist Evil.
Yuri Davydov, Ethics of Belief and Ethics of Responsibility: Max Weber and Leo Tolstoy. 



History of Moral Philosophy

Polina Gadjicurbanova, From Kynsarges to Porch.
Predrag Cicovacki, The Illusory Fabric of Kant's “True Morality” .
Andrey Myasnikov, Contemporary Social and Ethical Versions of Kant's Prohibition on Lying. 



History of Values

Olga Zubets, On Pride. 



Ethical Problems of Contemporary Society

Andrey Prokofiev, The Pluralisation of Success: Problems and Paradoxes.