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№ 11

ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2011


Table of Contents


Ethical Theory


Apressyan R. Communicative Source of Moral Imperativity

Maximov L. Kant's Copernican Revolution in Epistemology and the Problem of Moral Permissibility of Lying


History of Moral Philosophy

Zubets O. Megalopsykhos, Magnanimos, Great-souled

Serebryansky D. Classical Utilitarianism: the Main Philosophical Problems

Alexandrov L. Scovoroda’s Ethics in an “Enlightened” era of morality “splitting”



Normative and Applied Ethics


Scarantino L.M. Violence and Generosity: An Epistemic Approach

Prokofyev A. Climate Justice: Russian Context

Jenks C. After Beslan: Childhood, Complexity and Risk



The Authors