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  Alexey M. Gaginsky
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Alexey M. Gaginsky

Gaginsky A.M.

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 ORCID: 0000-0001-9412-9064 

 ResearcherID: F-4957-2017 

  Scopus Author ID:57195989428 

RSCI Author ID: 681781



2005-2009 - The Russian Orthodox Institute of St. John; philosophy and theology faculty.

2009-2012 – Postgraduate in Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences




Ph.D., Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences, May 2012


Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2013 – present

Scientific interests

History of philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Patristics, Ethics, Ontology, Epistemology, Postmetaphysical theology.




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Conference Presentations

  • "Deconstruction of henology: Heidegger and Neo-Platonism." 86th session of the Scientific and Methodological Seminar Faculty of Theology of St Tikhon’s Orthodox University. March 29, 2013
  • "Ethics and the overcoming of ontology." XXII International Christmas Educational Readings. 28 January 2014, Christ the Savior Cathedral.
  • "Being and the One in Plato." 2nd international conference on Plato. Russian State Humanitarian University, 18-19 September 2014.
  • "God and predicates." Annual Theological Conference of St Tikhon’s Orthodox University. November 11 - December 2, 2014.
  • "God and predicates (Part 2)" - Conference: "How should we speak and write about God according to the Holy Fathers." Dmitry Pozharsky University 18.02.2015.
  • "Onto-theo-logy: pro et contra» - regular seminar philosophy of religion department of Institute od philosophy of RAS, 26.02.2015.
  • "The background of the theory of transcendentals in antiquity: Pre-aristotelian period» - XV Holy Trinity annual international academic reading, 27-30 May 2015, Saint-Petersburg.
  • "The metaphysics of the Exodus and the outcome from the metaphysics: two paradigms in patristic philosophy." - Conference: "Metaphysics in intercultural space: History and Modernity", December 18, 2015 Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • "Energy simplicity or ease of energy? Paradigms patristic philosophy of the East and the West " - International Conference: The opposition East - West in the cultural traditions of the Christian world. Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University, 10-13 May 2016.
  • "Aristotle and transcendental ontology» - XVI Holy Trinity annual international academic reading, 25-27 May 2016, Saint-Petersburg.