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Contemporary Western Philosophy: problems and tendencies

Seminar «Contemporary Western Philosophy: problems and tendencies». (dierected by Ph.D. Igor Mikhaylov). 

Next event:

December (date is being set)   –  Ph.D. Anrej Veretennikov's presentation "Quantitative study of post-Soviet philosophy. Example of the history of philosophy (in graphs and diagrams)"

List of hte most recent sessions in 2013

  • June, 4  – Ph.D. Anrej Veretennikov's presentation «History of Idas as a problem» (continuation).
  • April, 25 – Ph.D. Anrej Veretennikov's presentation «History of Idas as a problem».
  • January, 22  – Dmitri Kibalchich's presentation «Wilfried Sellars' Philosophical ideas».



French Philosophy in Russia

Seminar «French Philosophy in Russia» (dierected by D.Sc. in philos. Irina Blauberg, D.Sc. in philos. Irena Vdovina). 

Next event:  December, 17 –  D.Sc. in philos. Artem Krotov on "Descartes and the Oratorians"  (Moscow State University); 

List of hte most recent sessions in 2013:  

  • February, 12  – discussion of D.Sc. in philos. Victor Vizgin' draft manuscript «Essays on the history of French thought».
  • March-April – all activiities of the seminar were mainly focuses on the praparatory work for the upcomming conference «The Wisdom of Philosophy».
  • May, 29 – meeting with Monique Castillo (Paris), one of the Conference participants. The present state of philosophical research in France and the role of philosophy in contemporary French society was discussed.
  • October, 24  – "Contemporary philosophical and socilogical research in France". Conversation with Ph.D. in sociology Anna Borisenkova (Higher School of Economics) concerning her impressions during a sabbatical visit to France in 2012–2013.