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№ 8


VOLUME 8 / Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov.

Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2008.



Moral Theory


Leonid Maximov, Cognitive Standing of Ethics.

Vladimir Bakshtanovsky, Yuri Sogomonov, The Moral Phenomenon: From Elementary Moral Order to Complex Normative and Value System.



History of Moral Philosophy


Olga Artemyeva, Practical Virtue in Richard Price’s Ethics.

Maria Kluzova, Leo Tolstoy’s Anthropological Teaching: Theoretical Grounds and Practical Meaning.

Tamara Kuzmina, Berdyaev’s Existential Ethics.



Normative and Applied Ethics


Olga Zubets, Discussion on Gift: Possibility of the Aristocratic in Morality. 

Andrey Smirnov, ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ in Islamic Tradition and Philosophy. Selections.

Ruben Apressyan, On the Origin of the Notion of the Golden Rule.

Zbignew Szawarski, A Right to Gratitude.

Andrey Prokofiev, Justice in Relation to the Future Generations (Normative Grounds and Practical Policies).





Margarita Korzo, A Review on Maria Korogodina’s Book, Confession in Russia in XIX–XX centuries. Studies and Texts (St. Peterburg: Dmitryi Bulanin, 2006. 584 p.).