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Gleb Biserov

Year and place of birth

June 21, 1986. Russia.





  • Specialist with Honors of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Public Policy, 2008 (Thesis: “Psychoanalytic Framework for Ideologies in Modern Politics”. Advisor: Prof. A. Solovjev).
  • Master of Business Administration of Harvard University, 2016 (Completed coursework in the Buddhist Philosophy Workshop of Prof. Parimal Patil. Thesis: “Metaphysics of Nietzsche and Nagarjuna”. Advisor: Prof. P. Patil).
  • Postgraduate student of Institute of Philosophy, RAS, 2022 (Dissertation project “Heraclitus in Early Nietzsche” is scheduled for defending in 2022. Dissertation advisor: Ph.D A. Zhavoronkov).


Research topic
  • Dissertation project “Heraclitus in Early Nietzsche” is scheduled for defending in 2022. Dissertation advisor: Ph.D A. Zhavoronkov.

Research Interests

  • Nietzsche as a scholar of antiquity.
  • Anthropological perspectives of pre-Socratics: Heraclitus, Parmenides, Anaximander.
  • German existential philosophy of the 20th century: M. Heidegger, K. Jaspers, K.Löwith, G. Wohlfart
  • Anthropology in Buddhist philosophy: Nagarjuna and Madhyamaka.
  • Philosophical aspects of posthumanism.

Academic work experience

  • Junior Research Fellow, 2020 – current (Institute of Philosophy, RAS).

  • Teaching Assistant to Prof. M. Hafner, 2014–2015 (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies).

Scholarships and Awards

  • Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research Grant № 20-311-90071 for 2020–2022.

  • Institute of Philosophy Fellowship for Doctoral Candidates, 2019–2020. 

  • Hurtford Fellowship at Harvard University, 2013–2016. 

  • Johns Hopkins University Named Fellowship, 2014–2015. 

  • Fox International Fellow at the MacMillan Center for International Studies, Yale University 2009–2010.


Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences – since 2022



  • Heraclitus in Nietzsche’s Philosophy: The Early Discussion // Sibirsky Philosophsky Journal, Vol. 3, 2022 (forthcoming).
  • Heraclitus in Nietzsche’s Philosophy: The Contemporary Discussion // Tver University Vestnik, Series “Philosophy”, Vol. 2, 2022. pp. 152–166 (in Russian).
  • Heraclitus in Nietzsche’s Basel Lectures // Istoria Philosophii, Vol. 27 No. 1, 2022. pp 42–53 (in Russian).


  • Nietzsche’s Positivism: A Discussion Between M. Clark and N. Hussain // Omsky Nauchny Vestnik, Vol. 5 No. 3, 2020. pp. 76–83 (in Russian).


  • Heraclitean Ontology in Nietzsche’s Basel Lectures, The Philosophy Workshop, Institute of Philosophy RAS, 2021.


  • Board Member for Harvard Club of Russia.


  • E-mail:

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