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№ 4

ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2003



Moral Theory

Abdusalam Gusseinov, The Concept of Morality.
Leonid Maximov, Ethics and Morality: Interrelation of the Concepts.
Andrey Prokofiev, Justice or Transcending of Human Nature? (the Meta-normative Context of the Concept of Justice).



The Ethics of Perfectibility

Aslan Gadjikurbanov, The Idea of Self-Exceed in Plotinus's Doctrine.
Andrey Sudakov, The Ethics of Perfection in Kant's Moral System.



The History of Morality in The European Culture

Margarite Korzo, Problems of Moral Reformation of Society in the Early Modern Times.
Olga Zubets, Profession in the Context of the History of Values.
Olga Artemyeva, Henry Sidgwick on Ultimate Good.
Sergei Zemlyanoy, The Ontology and Ethics of Gentilesse (On the High Society's Life and the Genteel Life in Europe and Russia).
Polina Gadjikurbanova, Fear and Responsibility: The Ethics of Technological Civilization of Hans Johnas.



From the History of Russian Ethics

Vladimir Nazarov, On Chronology of Russian Ethics of the 20 th century: the Third period (1960–1990).
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