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ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2000



Abdusalam Gusseinov, Morality and Ethics in the Contemporary World.


Morality in Cultural and Philosophical Traditions

Grigoryi Tkachenko, The Formation of Ethical Ideas in China.
Vladimir Shokhin, “Moral” and “Ethical” in the Indian Texts.
Andrey Smirnov, The Moral Nature of Human Being: the Arabic-Muslim Tradition.
Alexander Dobrokchotov, Epochs of the European Moral Self-Concsiousness.
Piama Gaidenko, The Moral Nature of Human Being in the European Tradition of the 19 th – 20 th centuries.
Vladimir Nazarov, On Chronology of Russian Ethics of the 20 th century: the First Period (1900–1922).



Moral Theory

Leonid Maximov, Ethical Objectivism: Basic Concepts and Approaches.
Alexander Brodsky, Normative Ethics: From Objectivism to Constructivism.
Andrey Prokofiev, Morality and Free Will (Kant – Schopenhauer – Feuerbach).
Ruben Apressyan, From “Friendship” and “Love” to “Morality”: A Story From the History of Ideas.
Olga Artemyeva
, Ethics of Care: Is it the Real Alternative to Traditional Moral Philisophy?