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ETHICAL THOUGHT/ Ed. by Abdusalam Gusseinov. 


Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, 2001



Moral Theory

Abdusalam Gusseinov, Law and Action (Aristotle, Kant, Bakhtin).
Ruben Apressyan, Ressentiment and Historical Dynamics of Morality.
Andrey Prokofiev, Human Nature and Social Justice in the Contemporary Aristotelianism.  
Leonid Maximov, On Kant's Cognitivism.
Alexander Razin, Models of Moral Behaviour.



The History of European Ethics

Boris Kashnikov, Aristotle's Conception of General Justice: An Attempt of Reconstruction.
Margarita Korzo, On Jansenists and Jesuits Controversy on Grace and Free Will.
Olga Artemyeva, The Concept of Morality in the Ethical Intellectualism of Modern Times.
Olga Zubets, On Aristocraticism.



From the History of Russian Ethics

Vladimir Nazarov, On Chronology of Russian Ethics of the 20 th Century: the Second Period (1923–1959).
Elena Meleshko, Alexander Kashirin, Philosophy of Tolstoy Movement: the Idea of Spiritual-Monistic World Outlook.
Irina Belaya, Buddhism as a Theoretical Source of Tolstoy's Doctrine on the Consciousness of Life.
Alexei Skvortsov, Ethical Problems of War in Russian Religious Philosophy of the 20th Century.